Yarn bombing bunting

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I’ve just sent off this cheery bunting to a fellow blogger for her yarn bombing event this weekend. The grangerange is repeating last year’s successful charity yarn bombing at her GP husband’s surgery in Scarborough. You can read about last year’s success here.

I’ve been reading her posts and admiring the many animals she has been making. All the items are sold off in a closed auction type event and the money raised goes to charity.

Anyway I wanted to contribute something quick and effective.

Crochet Bunting

I used my Stylecraft Special DK stash left over from my 2013/2014 blanket.

Stripy CAL blanket afghan
Stripy CAL blanket afghan

My bunting looked a little curly

Crochet Bunting

until I blocked it.

I was quite surprised how well acrylic yarn blocked. I just pinned them into shape on my ironing board, upside down, and hovered about 1cm above with my iron set on steam. I left them just a minute before unpinning them.

And voila!

Crochet Bunting

I’m sure they’ll be useful to cheer up a corner somewhere.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I absolutely love the colours. I blocked acrylic yarn for the first time recently (funnily enough on bunting too) and was pretty pleased with the result. Now I’ll never not block! x

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  2. I love how you say it was “quick” – all relative, I suppose, especially compared to your stunning blanket! Seriously though, the bunting is gorgeous and I hope it raises amazing amounts of dosh for the cause:)

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