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So I’ve been busy on an evening, stitching away. This stand has been a great buy.


You sit on the base, sat on the sofa is fine, with the pole between  (oh dear, depends what you are wearing!) or to one side of your legs. It leaves both hands free.
A hand above and a hand below the frame really speeds the stitching along.

I’ve just finished this piece, taken from my new favourite book, Zakka Embroidery

And this is it. Excuse the photos; they were taken in the dark. Hopefully I’ll get around to replacing them at the weekend.


So my next task is how to frame or display it.

My stitches have definitely become neater and more even but for a first piece I’m very pleased with it.

I had thought to stretch it over a chunky canvas frame as opposed to setting it within a traditional frame.


Originally I was going to use the 6” x 6” frame, so you can see some of the stitching wrapped around the edge of the frame.


Or do I go with the 8” x 8”so all the stitching is on the front face?


I’m planning on making an embroidery wall in the down stairs loo. This doesn’t sound a very glamorous place to display your embroidery but where else would it give so much pleasure?

I’ve also signed up to Ali of ‘Very Berry Handmade’s mini hoop swap so hope to receive something back to hang up in the loo!


Love, Lucie xx


  1. Ooh this is beautiful! You’re inspiring me to have a go myself! I also love the stand you have – it looks very useful. Oh and I prefer the canvas where the embroidery doesn’t wrap around the sides 🙂 (looks a bit like a chair cushion pad when it wraps around maybe?!)

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  2. This is beautiful! The background fabric works so well with your thread. I find stitching without a ‘hands free’ hoop so difficult these days, I definitely encourage everyone to give it a go!

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  3. Oh, this is just lovely – I bet it gave you hours of pleasure to see the piece come together. I’m going to offer a different point of view regarding the framing – if using a canvas, I would wrap it around the edges as that’s the way a canvas was originally intended to work and it might look a little ‘fake’ if done otherwise. If you want to see all the stitches flat, then I reckon mounted and framed is the way to go. Whichever you choose – it will be a corker as part of a gallery in your loo!


    1. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. That was my original plan. Wrapping the fabric around the smaller canvas so you could see the stitches on the sides – so it looked like just a piece of embroidered fabric that I might have picked up somewhere.
      But what I have ordered is a canvas frame 8 x 8 but with just a 10mm deep edge. The jury is still out.

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  4. Looks to me like a 7″ x 7″ canvas where the embroidery wrapped a little but you didn’t actually lose any would be optimum. Maybe next time you could plan the embroidery for the look you want and the canvas size you want. Brightening up the loo sounds great!

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