Ronnie Rhino, Elliot Elephant

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Give a huge welcome to these two chaps.


As you can see they are the best of friends.


And love nothing more than sharing a story or two.

They were perfectly simple (to me anyway!) to make up. I think the trick is to get just the right amount of stuffing in, packing the body quite firmly and the head, less so.img_2837

I always sew these potential children’s toys together firmly so getting the limbs and ears in the right place first time is important. They are not so easy to unpick when your stitches have disappeared.

Love it when these


Turn into this


And then all he needs are a couple of eyes to wake him up.


They are quite little fellows.

I shall make a few bigger brothers from some chunky yarn as well.

I used Scheepjes Cotton 8. They have a lovelyΒ rust orange which is close to being made into a monkey.

The original Edward’s Menagerie uses a more neutral rustic pallet which I love but I was keen to go bright and eye catching for a baby’s vision.

The clean Scheepjes cotton shows up every stitch which gives a lovely crisp finish so an even tension is paramount. I love how they have turned out.img_2834

Don’t you think a whole bunch of these would provide amazing story telling opportunities?

Love Lucie xx




  1. I so nearly bought this book at Yarndale but decided that making toys was pointless as I had few kids to gift them to. Since then, I’ve accepted that it’s the process I love and have given in to anything that catches my eye. No doubt this book will be on my shelves shortly. I much prefer the bright colours by the way:)


    1. That is exactly why I didn’t purchase the book at Yarndale too! Have you seen the bird one, by the same author? It’s pretty amazing considering you can pretty much tell which bird is which. But less appealing to children, I think.

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  2. So gorgeous! They are really beautiful and I am sure anyone (children OR adults!) would be thrilled to receive them as a gift. I am looking forward to seeing how that monkey turns out! What a lovely book πŸ™‚


  3. These are gorgeous. Ive just bought eds menagerie and am currently in process of making up the alpaca. I agree about the coloiring being bright for tiny eyes i cant wait to make a super bright pink hippo πŸ™‚ they both look super great πŸ™‚ im a bit more in love with the elephant though lol


  4. Oh wow! They are just adorable! I made the elephant and the bunny last year but mine look more at home on a horror film set -πŸ˜ƒ. Am inspired to try again.


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