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One thing I finally got around to completing before Christmas was my #Stitchingsanta parcel for the sewing/knitting secret Santa exchange as organized by Sheila who blogs at Sewchet. I believe my parcel was probably the last to be sent off but hopefully worth the wait.

Looking through my recipient’s blog, Hannah who blogs at www.quirkyhannah.wordpress,  I could see she was an avid quilter. Not being a quilter myself, I erred on the cautious side and assembled a package any sewer would find useful but would show a little bit of me. They are all things I’ve made.

First, one of my liberty print sewing needle cases. Who doesn’t need one of these?

Then you can never have too many measuring tapes, especially a crochet covered measuring tape.


And then a matching pin cushion complete with matching pins.



A crochet cat key ring. I’ve no idea if my Hannah is cat person but I’m sure she knows someone who is.


A couple of hanging hearts


And this funny bean frog.


Finally, an owl cushion. The owl cushions were one of the first things I made that re lit the sewing bug in me after many many years of just curtain making. I needed a home for this one.


But of course I was also a recipitent of a secret sewing santa gift.

My gifter was Jenny from Today, Jenny Stitched. I must confess, I had not come across this blog before but am so pleased I did. If you nip across, you’ll see she has made a coat! Kudos indeed. In my newly relaxed mode I’m pledging to sew a coat or at least a jacket before the year is out. I’m looking forward to following her sewing adventures and reading her interesting bits and pieces along the way.

Jenny was much more organised than me and had her parcel in the post in good time for me to open it on Christmas Day. She’d obviously done her research on me because the gifts are perfect.

This pencil skirt pattern, in just the right size. Would you believe that I do not possess a pencil skirt pattern? Well now I do.


This gorgeous gorgeous length of floral (I think) viscose. Enough for a dress but perfect for a simple summer top. The flower pattern forms bands across the fabric so I’ll give it some thought as to the perfect pattern.


And look! A perfect embroidered hoop hanging. Did someone mention crochet? Such a personal thing that I’ll hang right above my sewing machine station.


And finally this crochet cowl pdf – which I think is a great idea. One I might use for future sewing santas.

So thank you so much Jenny. You got me to a ‘T’.

I’ll keep you posted with what I come up with. Happy New Year!


Love, Lucie xx






  1. Lovely things sent and received. It was great fun wasn’t it? Not many of my family or friends are crafty – or at least not in the sewing/knitting sphere – so it’s great to get gifts from like-minded people because you know they’re likely to be spot on.


  2. Love all your hand made pressies! Did you follow a pattern for the pin cushion or just make it up as you go along? You and Sheila are the super women of crochet! I’m forever in awe! 😀


  3. Lovely to read through about all these fab items. The matching pin cushion and tape measure cover are in great colours (especially liking the matching pins). And your ‘the only way is crochet’ hanging is so perfect for you, bet you were delighted 🙂


  4. I love your owl cushion! I followed your links to the tutorial for the needle case but I’m told the pictures don’t exist, though the post heading does. Is this a problem only I’m having or have you taken it down?


  5. Yet another stitching Santa reveal – I’ve loved reading all of them and this is no exception! I’m so going to make covers for all of the self-retracting tape measures that are in the sewing boxes my students use. I want to make sewing machine dust covers too, to make them look more child-friendly. I love the fabric you received in your parcel and hope that it helps bring back your sewing mojo:)


  6. What a lovely post. Lots of lovely things. I don’t think you should be too hard on yourself as you set the bar very high with your gut as you made it all. That will always take longer!


  7. Thanks so much Lucie! Gorgeous items and I loved the kitty, crochet and mr frog! You had a lovely parcel too and I def think you need give quilting a try soon! Whether it’s EPP or machine 🙂


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