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The sun is still shining in Yorkshire so I’ve had a few chances to wear my new top once the early morning chill has gone.

This is the Suun Top by P & M Patterns. P & M Patterns are a French company but the instructions (pdf pattern) come in English as well as French. The patterns are beautifully photographed. I would wear every single one of the Suun versions on the link.

I’ve already made one of these in embroidered white cotton lawn and it has become a favourite pattern. I made up a size 38 in accordance with my chest measurement with no alterations.

It comes together beautifully and the optional piping along the top of the yoke, all the way around the neck, just lifts it out of the ordinary.

This teal coloured, gold spotted double gauze from Sew me Sunshine elevates it higher still.

Just look at these colours available from other retailers.

The pattern comes with short cap or long sleeves and also as a dress

Amazingly there is also a choice of necklines, deep-plunging, plunging and modest along with advice as to which you should choose depending on bust and height! Mine is the ‘plunging’ one.

I found the piping fairly easy to do. The white cotton top was my first use of piping. Just take it slow, use your zipper foot, and don’t be afraid to go back and sew again along the seam line to get closer to the piping cord if necessary.

It has gathering to the back and the shoulders.

The cap sleeves require no easing in – perfect!

Just a couple of words of warning about this fabric.

When double gauze arrives from the shop it is perfectly flat and smooth. Once through the washing machine it ripples into that affect we associate with double gauze.

You have to decide how much you will iron your finished garment in the future. No ironing at all? A light iron? Ironed to death? You need to cut out and sew up the fabric in that same state, otherwise your garment will end up too large or too snug. I went with ‘a light iron’.

Something else. These gold dots are stuck on, some sort of gold paint/plastic glue, not sewn on. They melt off under the iron! So I’ll be ironing this on the reverse from now on and using a press cloth over the facing. I forgot whilst ironing the facing and witnessed the gold dots smearing across the fabric. Thankfully I hadn’t ironed the front at this point!!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I love it. In the Southern Hemisphere we should be getting some warmer weather soon. I’m very tempted to try this pattern, now. I love the piping! It really does elevate it. Thanks for your post!!

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  2. I think the double gauze on is my favourite – I love the colour.
    Would you use double gauze again? The dress I made from it almost feels as if I’m wearing nothing, it’s so light even though a friend of mine was surprised as she thought the fabric looked quite thick.
    Funnily enough, my double gauze was not smooth when it arrived but, yes, I imagine you would have to decide what level of bubbliness you want before cutting and iron accordingly. As I hate ironing unless strictly necessary, I went for the ‘no ironing, more ripples’ option 😊

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    1. Yes, I would definitely use it again. As you say it feels like you are wearing nothing so will be perfect for my trip to Cambodia (;0) in November. I have the same fabric in a paler blue, enough for a dress so I might do the longer version of this, but with a tie belt, not elastic, or the longer version of the Delpy Ballet Top.


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