My new love, the Stacker Jacket

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This is the Stacker Jacket by Papercut Patterns.

I saved this on my Instagram Feed last summer when it kept popping up. I was thinking about using a drill /heavy linen type fabric as a summer jacket but other garments got in first and I really wanted to buy the fabric in person to make this.

It’s a jacket with a cropped boxy fit with a choice of flapped in-seam pockets or oversized patch pockets. The Stacker is fully lined and features a drop shoulder and a classic collar.

I picked up this deadstock strokeable slightly furry coat weight fabric from Waltons Fabrics in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire ( sorry, bricks and mortar shop only) in a brief shopping window in November.

I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I loved it and couldn’t resist it for 2m less than £20! Then suddenly when surveying my stash recently I had a light bulb moment and matched them together.

I was in between sizes but after some research decided to size down.

I did make a toile in some grey drill, something I shall take apart, add interfacing, and make up as a summer version, and the only change I decided to make was to add a cm to each side seam, just at the very bottom, on my hip, blending to nothing at the waist.

Many sewers have lengthened the jacket 2 or 4 inches or even to mid thigh (will be trying that one) but I didn’t touch the pattern length on this one.

It was an incredibly satisfying sew.

The instructions are superb. Everything went together like clockwork. I don’t remember a single tricky bit.

It’s fully lined so I was able to use some long stored lining fabric that I had mistakenly bought many years ago, not appreciating it was lining fabric!

It was incredibly slippery and keen to stretch out so I handled it as little as possible, left cutting out until I had got to that part in the pattern and stay stitched all edges immediately after cutting out.

I had bought these lovely buttons from Minerva when I was sourcing buttons for my pink coat. They were the only matching coat buttons in my stash so that was very fortuitous!

My automatic button hole didn’t like the position of 2 of the button holes, at the top of the button placket and also where the horizontal seam hits the button placket. I kept producing mini button holes!

So after a Google I practiced some 4 stage satin stitch machine button holes. After lots of measuring and practice I was able to produce button holes no different from the automatic button holes I had already completed. I was so chuffed with this and will not be put off in the future if this happens again.

I just want to make it again and again.

With spring on the horizon I shall be getting so much wear out of this!.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I like the boxy style and it suits you. When my automatic buttonholer refused to do the buttonholes on my jeans – even after I invested in a stability plate – I unearthed my more basic machine that has a 4-step button hole and that did the job.

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    1. Very frustrating at the time. I couldn’t understand the mini button holes it was producing!! Never done them long hand on the machine before but very glad I didn’t need to succumb to needle and thread.

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