When an unexpected potential opportunity comes your way

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Have you come across ‘Streetlife’? After unsuccessfully asking around for a recommended joiner to build a cupboard around a boiler, a friend of mine advised me to register on Streetlife and ask my local community.

To cut a long story sort, I didn’t find a joiner, but I did come across a message from a lady who was looking for crocheters and knitters to help her in her very successful online etsy shop, Wool Couture.

wool couture

If you pop across to the shop you’ll see that they specialise in absolutely beautiful luxury handmade chunky woollen accessories, chunky yarn and kits.

Claire has so far designed, sourced and made every item herself but since her shop opening in 2014 has become a victim of her own success and can no longer keep up with her orders; hence the call for local crocheters and knitters.

I knew I wouldn’t actually be able to offer her my time, however much I would like too, but I was intrigued about her success and we arranged to meet.

We both turned up at the coffee shop, each with a big bag containing our own work, and I felt we quite hit it off! I loved her work and she loved mine!

We talked for a good hour about her crochet and shop and my crochet and my potential shop. The conversation then turned to Claire stocking my blankets in her shop!

Well I couldn’t be happier. No leg work for me. I’ll work at my own pace, just as I do now. Claire will photograph my blankets, and anything else appropriate I make, so the theme of the shop remains the same. She is also a bit of a whiz with SEO (search engine optimization) so my blankets will get noticed instead of hiding away in one of a thousand online shops selling similar things.

But the best thing is that she has hit on a market that are prepared to pay for what an artisan product is actually worth in time and materials, so I might be able to sell my blankets for something reasonable.

I’ve always crocheted because I love it and I would crochet regardless but to receive my costs and some reimbursement  for my time will be lovely.

We talked about lots of other things we could do together too, crochet wise. There was so much to talk about! I feel there will be plenty of coffees to be drunk in the future.

We’ve started with just one blanket. This one.

Cotton circles within squares crochet blanket

Watch this space.

Love, Lucie


  1. Exciting! Coincidentally, I actually bought one of Claire’s blanket kits for my Mum a couple of months ago and, although I haven’t seen it, the yarn is apparently incredibly soft and beautiful quality. The dog bed in the corner caught my eye but my dogs are a little ‘unrestrained’ ,shall we say, with soft furnishings so I’m not sure I’d trust them with something so luxe!
    Sounds like a great opportunity for you and a good showcase for your work.


  2. I know what you mean. I have had a bag listed in Etsy for ages and apart from the beginning when I mentioned it on Facebook Sew Sew Easy group I have not had a viewing even, never mind a sale. I don’t want a business. I just want to sell a few of my items which I love to make but don’t have a use for. This is just what you need. Good luck.


  3. Fantastic news! I’ve been ignoring an invite to join Street Life for months – no idea what I’m hoping to find, better go check it out in case I’m missing something.


  4. What perfect timing! So great to find somebody who appreciates your work and wants to stock it in her shop too. I hope it’s the start of a successful arrangement for you – keep us informed!


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