I love this one!

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Finally something I love!! I’m wearing it today, at work.

It’s such a relief to make something that I know will get loads of wear. It is cool and light and will look great under a navy jacket when it turns cooler. It hardly creases either under my seat belt or bunched up against my desk.True Bias Sutton Blouse

Yes. it’s another True Bias Sutton Blouse. The other 2 I made here and here.  It is my third and I feel I could make these in my sleep now.

The Sutton Blouse pattern advises the use of a lightweight fabric and this time I have done just that.

It also advises against using stripes. This is probably due to the fact that the large yoke that goes over the shoulders is curved where it meets up with the front and with the back piece.

However, I thinks this works really well on the front, although not quite so well in the back.

The fabric is a lightweight poly-something. I picked it up very cheaply at Fabworks in Dewsbury earlier in the summer. How often do you come across fabric this fabulous! I knew at the time it would be a top, but I wasn’t sure what top. With the pattern advising against using striped material, I delayed unnecessarily.

I used my walking foot throughout as I wanted to get those stripes matching perfectly.

I love the center seam down the down. I think it takes a simple top up a notch.

True Bias Sutton Blouse

I’ve made it true to pattern with a high/low hem but I’m not entirely sure about the red stripe along the ‘low’ section. I might take it off. What do you think?

True Bias Sutton Blouse

My husband calls it my ‘football shirt’. I don’t think that’s fair!

So, back in love with dressmaking again.

I’ve just purchased a Tilly and the Buttons Learn to Sew Jersey online course, based on her Agnes pattern. It was a little pricey but I wanted to perfect my skills and I’ve already picked up some tips that had never occurred to me.

Watch this space.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I love this one too! The back yoke is my favourite – it works really well. Your seam stripe matching is impeccable. I think the keeping th red hem depends on what shoes and accessories you would wear with it. I am no style expert but it looks fab with red shoes to accent the hem. Dont know if it would look as good with other colour shoes. Maybe pin it under while trying out different outfit combos and see what works.😃

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  2. Wow – great job on the stripes! I agree with HIla – it all depends what you will wear with it. It looks great on you, fro sure, I can see why you love it and the pattern so much!


  3. I love the red stripe at the bottom – something unusual is always a bonus in my book. The pattern might be a challenge for stripes, but it works well the way you’ve done it!


  4. Ooooh, very smart!

    Another vote for keeping the red. I think it balances out with the red at the shoulders on the front.

    Nice job.


    1. Yes, I think you are right. There is red across the shoulders both front and back so it doesn’t look too odd. The general consensus is to keep the red stripe so the red stripe is staying!


  5. I like the red stripe too! It ties in with the red on the front so I don’t think it looks out of place. Glad to see you’ve got your sewing mojo back – I think mine’s on it’s way out now, haha


      1. Ahh thanks Lucie 🙂 I’ve been running into a few fitting issues recently which is putting me off I think! It also means I can’t try things on properly to take photos… more practice needed I think! x


        1. Sounds like what I was suffering from! I think we become more aware of bad fit but haven’t the experience to know what to look for at the start of a make. I also think that we are making items from many different pattern houses we don’t yet know the particular peculiarities of each different standard size from each company. It quite puts you off starting something, doesn’t it?


  6. I’m glad you love sewing again. Your top looks good; I can’t decide on whether the red stripe at the bottom is good or not! Pros and cons. At the end of the day it depends on how you feel wearing it. I have this pattern and must think about making it sometime – though not for this summer for sure!


    1. I’ve not been a great fan of the high/low hem that I’ve seen over the past year on dresses and skirts but I think it stops this top from being ordinary. The beauty is, I can also adjust these tops in the future when the high/low hem disappears out of fashion completely!


  7. Fab! Totally agree with Hila, looks great with the red shoes, but foes draw the eye and might detract from its other lovely features too much with navy/darker shoes. Glad you’re happy with your efforts again. I’ve recently purchased the Agnes top too, though not the course, looking forward to making it too and already kind of know it’ll be a favourite 🙂


    1. There’s no need for you to take a course on jersey; you’re well practiced! I’ll not be making the one with the puffed shoulders though, I’m broad enough in the shoulders without that.

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      1. Thank you! I got it out again last night to look at different options. I’m drawn to the one with the ruching at the bust but not sure if that will make me look too ‘busty’ (we’re never happy are we? 😉 ), might try it in a slightly bigger size so no strain… Already have my fabric, so just need to find some ever elusive time…

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  8. Glad to here you’ve decided to keep the stripe. I like it and Sewchet is right, we make things to be a bit different 🙂


  9. In my humble opinion, the sewing of this top is worthy of ‘best garment’ award for the GBSB. From a distance you would be hard pressed to spot the front seam, your stripes are matched so perfectly. Well done, I’m mega impressed 🙂


  10. yay! I am out with sewing at the moment (children at home – too many distractions) so crochet is my thing at the moment, I can take it to the park and travel around with it. Love your top, It is a fabulous pattern isn’t it? i must get one. Jo x


  11. Excellent job! I really like all your Sutton blouses. I must investigate this pattern! I’m glad you’ve decided to keep the red stripe!


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