Otto the Octopus

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In my humble opinion Otto the Octupus ranks highly amongst my makes. Taken from Vanessa Moncie’s Crocheted Sea Creatures, the design is absolutely superb.

This book is full of fabulous underwater creatures. The shark on the front of it is probably the least inspirational. I wonder why the shark was chosen for the front cover; a multitude of  ‘order yarn straight away’ projects lie within.

crocheted sea creatures by Vanessa Mooncie

I searched Ravelry for Octopus yarn inspiration and came across Erin’s octopus which she had crocheted in her own hand dyed yarn. In fact I was most disappointed with this as I thought it was simply wonderful and would have tracked down the same yarn if I could.

erins octopus
Erin’s Octopus.
King Cole Riot

So I set off in search of some alternative reasonably priced variegated yarn in a smooth finish that would define the stitches.

I had this grey in mind for the underside but changed my mind when it arrived in the post. It was no where near the gauge of the King Cole. Note to self, ‘more haste, less wasted yarn purchases’. In the end some stashed yellow cotton made a great match for the King Cole although I did run out on the seventh leg………

The pattern was a joy to work up. You recognise this when there is no frogging! However it was the least photogenic object until it finally came together last week.

Note the orange legs! He looked more of a squid than a octopus at this stage.

Crochet octopus in King Cole Riot
Crochet octopus underbelly
Crochet octopus in King Cole Riot 2
Crochet octopus close up

Let me introduce you to Otto the Octopus.

Do you like my suckers?
I’ve a confession. I also bought Vanessa’s Animal Trophys book

Crochet animal trophies by Vanessa Mooncie

I think I have room for a stag.
Love, Lucie xx


  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this – it’s amazing! Such fantastic details and I even prefer your colour choices. I’ve had my eye on the animal trophy book for a while, too:)

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    1. Thank you so much! The animal trophy patterns look fabulous. I’m just finding it tricky finding a nice brown in chunky with a contrast for the antlers. I’m sure a trophy head would look fab in your place!

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  2. I love your suckers – they look brilliant! The whole creature is a triumph and I can’t wait to see the stag. Is Otto a gift or will he be adorning your bathroom? I know I said I don’t like making ‘toys’ but, then again, I said I wouldn’t take up crochet again and we know what happened there so I was thinking of adding the ‘Imaginarium’ book to my birthday wish list – have you seen that one?

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  3. Hi! This is gorgeous – what size hook did you use? I got some of this yarn but itโ€™s much finer than the DK Iโ€™m used to. So Iโ€™m more sure whether I should reduce the hook size!


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