Who am I?

A full-time working, crafting, baking, cycling mum, newly married to my very own Mr Jones, settled within the heart of Yorkshire.

Why do I blog?

Initially to chart my progress at craft fairs in the summer of 2013 and steer traffic to my Folksy shop.

After realising I wasn’t going to quickly become the next Cath Kidston now I blog because I love to blog.

I have made so many like minded crafty friends. Blogging has truely enriched my life. I am inspired by the blogs I read and hope to inspire those just starting out.

I  now guest blog for two companies, Minerva Crafts and White Tree Fabrics, on a regular basis indulging myself within their vast array of fabrics and haberdashery.

I have met fellow bloggers at both impromptu and organized meet ups.

I have had the fortune to hear some of my blogging heros speak. Bloggers with huge numbers of followers, bloggers starting on their journeys of turning their dreams into their day jobs and bloggers whose blogs are just full of ideas and inspiration.

I’m now turning my machine skills towards dressmaking and am thoroughly enjoying watching the rise and rise of the independent pattern publisher, finally creating modern and already iconic patterns recreated time and time again over the blogging network, instagram, twitter, facebook and flickr.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

I shall blog, regardless!

Love, Lucie x





  1. Hey lucie, came over to check your page out after you commented on my post, your stuff is beautiful, I’m off to check out your folksy shop – I can’t understand why your not doing well out of it, Helen xx


    1. I think I need to refurb the shop. The photography is a bit desperate. I ve improved a bit since then. The trouble when you are working as well is that you can only work on one or two aspects of what you need to do. At the moment I’m loving my blog!!


      1. Yeah I know what you mean, sewing doesn’t pay the bills!! I work too so just fit it in, I think you should put in some of your crochet cushions and things – I’d buy one, also I find etsy gets more hits then etsy, I’ve also had quite a few custom orders from it – I’m currently making a dress to send to Tokyo! And trying to keep it away from the kids sticky fingers, my ‘workroom’ is the kitchen!! X


        1. Have been thinking about trying etsy. The trouble with the crochet is the longer hours required for each make that I would want to be reflected in the price. But nothing ventured nothing gained, I’ll give it a go. I think maybe the stuff I’ve been doing recently is a bit more unique than the old stuff. Thanks for the feedback. I have a small alcove in our smallest room but at least I don’t have to put it all away. X


  2. LoL – yes, I also need something for my hands to do, when just sitting around. Love that colour gecko! Haven’t had the itch to make any creatures yet, though. Thanks for the follow on my blog!


  3. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I’m going to have a good look at the other nominees.
    BTW just unfollowed you my mistake. Just my fingers on this tiny screen. X


  4. This is a fun blog to visit! I completely understand getting fidgety with idol hands. I must have at least two projects going to be happy. In reading an earlier comment about etsy. I have thought the same with crocheted items not bringing what they are really worth. What if you wrote patterns instead to sell. Also, you could sell them on ravelry.com. This is what I am starting to work on myself.


  5. Hi Lucie, just wanted to pop in to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog and giving me a little bit of encouragement! It’s great to connect with fellow crafty people online. I’ve just flicked through your blog and I’m following now! Some really cool stuff on here! Can’t wait to be inspired by more of your projects! Love from Australia x


  6. Hi Lucie, thanks for commenting on my blog. Love reading yours. I think I might take up crotchet again after looking at your fab colourful makes! Nee x


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