Flower meadow embroidery

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This past week I turned this freehand sketchFlower meadow embroidery

Into this

Flower meadow embroidery

It’s not taken from a pattern, I couldn’t find the exact thing I wanted but I was inspired by this off the DMC stand at the CHSI Stitches show


I threw in some other wild looking flowers and chose my colours and made myself stick to them.

Flower meadow embroidery
And did a little every night.

Last night was the big reveal, when I washed away the stabiliser.

Ta dah!

Flower meadow embroidery
I’m going to stretch it over a small canvas frame, but that’ll have to wait until the weekend.
Meanwhile my hands have been busy with a small monkey.

Crochet monkey
Remember these from round about a year ago? A welcome to the world gift for my OH’s new grandson, Henry.

They were all loved but the orange monkey became a firm favourite. Apparently he is looking a little worse for wear and occasionally needs a good wash. A stand-in has been requested! It is an absolute pleasure:)

Love, Lucie xx


  1. The monkey is so cute – and how nice that it is well loved. 🙂

    The embroidery is beautiful! I love that stabilizer, makes design so much easier, doesn’t it? The colors you chose are so bright and cheerful, glad you stuck with them!


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