2nd Billie Trousers by Fibremood

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These are my second pair of workwear Billie’s.

I’d already made my adjustments on my previous pair so the sewing of these was a breeze.

I lengthened these by 3 inches, at a point just below the knee so as to maintain the slightly tapered design.

I wore them most of last week.

I included the in-seam pockets in these, as per the instructions. They behave very well during the day and still look straight and neat and not stretched out.

Do you know that feeling when you’re not sure where the instructions are leading you? The instructions for these pockets were just like that but I followed them, resulting in the perfect in seam pocket!

I’d make these again in an instant.

The pattern has you ironing in the front and back creases in the trouser pieces before making up. This is a great idea as you can see that the legs are hanging perfectly, or not, as you make them up.

Looks like I need to take out a small scoop at the base of my bum.

I’ve been using a giant press stud (snap fastener) on my trousers recently, they seem to pull on the waistband a lot less than the usual bar and hook during the day.

I added belt loops to give me the option of a belt.

I can’t tag the beautiful blue/grey suiting fabric, unfortunately, as it was bought from Walton’s Fabrics, Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire, but it does have a little stretch which definitely helps with comfort. I would recommend a little stretch for all trouser fabric regardless if the pattern calls for it or not.

Worn with my Melilot Blouse.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Im not sure what you mean by a giant stud for the waist closure. Could you send me an email to explain. I’m from the USA and maybe terminology is the reason.

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