The end of my stripy blanket CAL

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Finally, after months of neglect, I have finally added a border to my stripy blanket.Stripy CAL blanket afghan

I didn’t appreciate that adding the border would make such a massive difference to the look of the finished afghan.Stripy CAL blanket afghan

It has completely evened out the ends of some of the wonky rows.Stripy CAL blanket afghan

I started this way back in June last year.

It was a CAL (crochet-a-long) hosted by the lovely Hannah of ‘notyouraveragecrochet’.

This link takes you to all her posts regarding this project that had many hookers across the world waiting in anticipation every Saturday morning when she issued the instructions for the next 6 rows.

Stripy CAL blanket afghan

I loved the idea of having large project on the go, and one which I was able spend just a couple of hours whilst still keeping up with everything else. I loved how the stitches and colours changed all the time so repetitive boredom didn’t set in on something quite so large.Stripy CAL blanket afghan

It’s large enough to cover a single bed but for now it will sit on the arm of my settee. I love it.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. oh that’s so lovely! I’d love to start some epic project like this – I’m not sure I have the patience though, I’m very much a ‘finish it in a weekend’ kind of sewer!


  2. It’s gorgeous. And you are right about the border…. Finishes it off beautifully. I did a cushion because I had other large projects on the go at the time but one day…. One day I WILL make a big blanket like this.


  3. Such a cheerful outcome! love the idea of the CAL project. Great way to practise different stitches and patterns too. It looks great with the border and everyone should have a snuggle blanket for a chair πŸ˜‰


  4. Oooh this is soooo gorgeous, full of character and charm, i can see why you are so happy with the end result πŸ™‚ x


  5. The finished blanket is gorgeous. I love the colours and variety of pattern through it. It sounds like a lot of fun to not know what was coming each week, to just wait and see.


  6. It is beautiful, I’m sure it will spend many a happy hour keeping you warm in the evening chills. I like the sound of your CAL, sometimes big projects just become too overwhelming, so its nice to have just a little bit to do here and then some more there.


    And Yes, “BORDERS” do Help! — On all of my Throws, I do a row of Single, then of Double, and another Single. IT helps to even things up and for folding!


  8. I am VERY tempted to make one too. It’s incredibly beautiful. You must be absolutely delighted!
    Must go look at that link πŸ˜‰ x


    1. I really enjoyed it. I’m doing another blanket CAL at the moment but not enjoying it half as much. I think its the lead ip to Christmas. I have so many other things I’m working on at the same time.


  9. I love your blanket. I’ve thought of doing well I was wondering how many foundation chains you started with and the finished measurements? Also how did you do the border its lovely and finishes it nicely.


  10. Did you use all the colors? How does the Stylecraft yarn hold up? Does it pill? Is it soft. Lovely blanket!


    1. Considering it is an acrylic yarn it it really soft but also stands up to some abuse. The blanket is quite weighty but doesn’t distort when held from one end. Before using stylecraft I was a little snooty about using an acrylic yarn but I would definitely use this again. This blanket would have cost me a fortune in a natural yarn. I did use all the colours but used some more than others and reordered some of my favourite ones. Hope that helps!


  11. Love your giraffe just inventing my one for grand son not yet born and blanket nice to come away from the norm katinabag


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