Come on summer!!

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Here I am busy making summer dresses but it seems that no one has told summer that she should be here by now. At least that is the case in Yorkshire although I have seen plenty of summery looking photos from those of you down south.

The forecasters are telling us that it is only a little cooler than usual but I’m sure they are putting a positive spin on things. I’ve not yet got my legs out!

Fortunately I have a week in Greece to look forward to so my second version of Newlook 6184 will not be in vain.6184 NewlookI loved my first one, worn here in Lanzarote. It is, by the way, a complete fluke that I have 2 holidays so close together. I’m not usually so fortunate. Or unfortunate if you count your employer going bust and taking advantage of a spare week of holiday after not receiving your last months salary.
New Look 6814My second 6184 will be just the same, a little shorter maybe and made out of this fabric.

Bright crisp cotton
Bright crisp cotton

I’m using the bright crisp cotton at the top of the image. I won it as part of a giveaway. The  bloggers who ran the giveaway are also holding a blog tour featuring some of the purchases they made on a meet up in Paris.

As a ‘winner’ I also get to join in. I’m very much looking forward to the end of the month when our posts go ‘live’ altogether at the same time. And I also get to host an independent designer pdf pattern giveaway of my own!

There are a few ‘new to me’ instructions I have to follow in order for it all to work but I’m sure I’ll pick it up along the way.

So the dress is nearly finished but all I can show you is the lining.

I know you’ll never see the wrong side of the lining but at least I (and you!) will know how neat it is!

I’ve gone for cotton this time. I think it’ll be lovely to wear in the heat.

Before I go I came across these pens on another blog a while ago but am afraid I can’t remember which one it was (sorry if you are reading).Write on, rub off pens These have almost changed my (sewing) life! I remember these pens when I was at school. You could write with them and then rub the ink out! Well the same goes for using them on fabric but using the heat of your iron to make them completely disappear! Remarkable!
I picked these up from the stationery aisle of my local supermarket. They work a treat and are great for marking up darts.

Just thought I’d share that with you.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I get a huge amount of satisfaction knowing that the inside is as well made as the outside, so you’re not on your own! The fabric promises to make a gorgeous dress and I’m excited about the giveaway too! How nice to have another holiday to look forward too, even if the last one wasn’t exactly planned:)


  2. If it’s any consolation it’s not summer yet down South! We’ve had the odd nice day, but today I’m back in jeans, long sleeved tee, cardi, scarf and trainers. Not happy!


  3. My namesake Karen. Did you make that.
    I bought some myself and they have given me pleat confidence. Yes in West Yorkshire wearing the same clothes I wear in winter. Chucking it down as we say. At least your dresses will be ready. Love the print K xXx


  4. Any chance of passing on the name/make of those pens so I can try to track them down here in France where, today, it is 31 degrees – too hot to sew 😉


  5. I agree – you always look stylish, Lucie! I can’t wait to see the finished product. That print is so bright and fun! And the inside, just wow. Very impressive!

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  6. Ooh it’s going to be pretty! 🙂 bring on the sunshine!!
    I use those pens although not sure if you saw them on my blog as it was a long time ago I posted about them… They’re fab! My favourite marking tool.


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