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I was desperate for more work trousers. My shape has changed again in the 6 months both due from post-lockwood leg work at the gym and ongoing perimenopausal changes. Hence my Closet Case Sasha Trousers are only comfortable and fit nicely during a few days in the month!!

So I was thinking a looser fit, and possibly a more current shape, was the way forward.

These are the Fibremood Billie trousers

The splurge on the pattern states ‘A true classic with narrow legs tapered towards the hem and a cropped ankle length.’ I would say they are a little on the trending ‘balloon’ shape in the leg.

The waistband sits just below the natural waist and features convenient hidden pockets in the side seams.

They are fairly cropped. A pretty perfect autumn length for me, but I’m 5ft 3, so yes, cropped.

I did have to dig around for the size chart to work out my preferred size. I found it on the Fibremood website, my printed pattern only gave me the finished garment measurements. The ease, as I found out is generous.

These particular trousers were actually my toile. But after making the adjustments I really liked them, so deconstructed them and reassembled them with more care and the correct stitch length etc. Hence why they don’t have any side pockets. And to be honest, I don’t miss them.

In accordance with the size chart, I made a UK size 10, size 38, and graded up to a UK size 14, size 42, at the waist.

I carefully, to avoid stretching, tried them on before adding the waistband and could see gapping around the waist, enough to reduce the waist back down to a size 38, my hip size.

After adjusting the seams, I altered the waistband accordingly and attached it for a final try on which was pretty perfect.

The only other adjustment I made was scooping out an additional 1cm to the curve at the base of my bum.

The instructions that come with the printed pattern are more diagram based than hand holding, which was fine for most of the make. But the written instructions, found on the website, helped me fill in the gaps.

The fabric is a bi stretch Gabardine from My Fabrics in blue/lilac at very reasonable £8.95/m. They don’t carry this colour anymore but have 10 other beautiful shades

The pattern doesn’t call for stretch fabric, they are loose enough not to need it, but they have made them super comfy on the pyjama scale.

I have some beautiful grey wool mix to make up my next pair. I shall lengthen them at the mid-calf point to make them more appropriate to take me through winter. I’m in 2 minds about the pockets. I don’t particularly like them gapping open when I sit down. However, having pockets will make sure that a non-stretch pair are equally as comfortable.

I was so pleased with these when I’d finished them I couldn’t wait to wear them!!!

Worn with my Papercut Patterns Stacker Jacket and Sew over it Ultimate Shirt.

Love, Lucie. xx


  1. I do admire the way you work so hard to achieve the best possible fit when you make your garments. A shame nature (and lockdowns) having a way of thwarting our efforts eventually.

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    1. Thank you. Mind you I’d be happy to buy trousers and spend time on other garments if I could find any that fit. I’ve ordered and returned so many recently. But maybe I’m just fussy!!


  2. I also crave pockets, so I have added jeans-style pockets to most of my pants. I make these close to the waist to disguise them, but it gives me the little bit of storage I want in my pants. Love the style on yours and looking forward to the Greg pair, always so useful in my closet so hope the same for you.

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  3. Great trousers, such a good fit – I love the detail in all of your posts Lucie, so helpful for someone like me who has yet to try making trousers.

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    1. Thank you. I put off making trousers for so long. They are a bit of a faff. Grading between sizes helps to get an initial good starting point. And a decent seem allowance for adjusting.


  4. Hi Lucie, I’m inspired by your me-made work wardrobe. Always so professional and lovely. I wish I was as good at matching patterns to fabrics. You inspire me to keep going in my efforts to create a useful blouse collection. Not brave enough to try trousers yet.

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