Sleeve hack to Simplicity 8084

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This is my changing seasons going out dress. With a couple of occasions on the horizon, luckily it’s turned out just how I imagined.

Those eagle eyed amongst you may remember I’ve made this dress twice before, both earlier this summer, here, and the blue crepe de shine in 2019 here .

It’s the discontinued Mimi G Style Simplicity 8084. It has gathering above the bust for fit, gathering below the back yoke on the back, a hidden placket and a matching fabric waist tie in an internal casing. I love this type of waist gathering as the blouson top bodice stays where it should instead of slipping through the belt and needing constant adjustment.

My latest version is a length between the 2 featured on the packet.

To update this for autumn it I wanted to add sleeve length and volume.

I fished out the sleeve pattern from my Sew Over It Freia blouse

and laid it over the S8084 sleeve,

folding up the Freia sleeve pattern at the arm pit so it matched the same width at this point. But I didn’t want the elastic around the cuff from the Freia Blouse.

So I took the cuff from my Suun blouse

as I knew it was exactly the right length to get my hand through without a sleeve placket, but still narrow enough not to fall over my hand.

I simply ran a gathering stitch around the base of the sleeve to gather it in to fit into the narrow cuff.

I’ve left the bottom hem straight but incorporated 2 side slits for a little more ‘swish’.

As before I cut 2 yokes and used the burrito method for the back yoke.

The fabric is a lovely viscose from Walton’s Fabrics in Goldthorpe, Barnsley (not online) .

Next, before I put this pattern to bed for a while, I’d love to make a blouse version of this dress with these added sleeves.

Love it

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I wish that I had seen this last week. I just finished my second one. I love the long sleeves. Now, I think that I will make a third one like yours. Thank you.

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