Ugh! Awful! Disaster!

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Ugh! Awful! Disaster!

In my mind’s eye I saw my lovely bird fabric in this top worn with my white linen trousers.

The pattern came from a copy of this German magazine I had recently won as part of a prize.

German sewing magazine
German sewing magazine

I do not have any knowledge whatsoever of the German language. I sat with Google, trying to translate enough to work out whether a seam allowance had been included or not. I figured not, thinking they couldn’t have possibly fitted it onto this sheet.


So I added 1/2” all the way around.

I think this may have been my downfall. I cut out the smallest size, once I had found the relevant pieces.

Ugh! Awful! Shapeless on Lola and shapeless on me.
My enthusiasm for this top has quite gone.
I haven’t the inclination to put it right. I shall recycle the fabric and together with the metreage I have left see if I can squeeze a Myrtle out of it.

My Myrtle and me in (windy) Lanzarote

Something I truly do enjoy wearing.

Sometimes you just have to walk away.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’ve had loads of trouble with patterns in French magazines – and not because my French is bad! I know that the French patterns hardly ever have the seam allowances included and I think that might go for the other European countries. Sorry your top didn’t work out but I’m sure you’ll be able to put the fabric to good use elsewhere.


    1. At least with the front and back being so HUGE they’ll not go to waste.
      I usually Google a pattern first to see if it’s worth making up. Of course this time I dived straight in. A lesson learnt and at least it was a remnant at a remnant price.
      I don’t think I’ll be returning to my German mag for a while!


  2. Oh no! How disappointing after all that working out. I’m sure you’ll manage to salvage something lovely out of the situation though. It is reassuring for me to know that someone who produces such great things as you do, has the occasional disaster like the rest of us!


  3. What a shame – the pattern looks like it should be lovely. But, as has already been said, it’s all about the learning, so you’re not admitting defeat, just moving on to a pattern that deserves that gorgeous fabric.


  4. bummer! All that work – and risking blindness – how on EARTH did you follow that pattern? I love that fabric, and it will look great with many colored bottoms, not just white. Nice, cheerful print without being gaudy. I hope you can use it as you plan.


  5. What a shame! I’ve just had a look at my Italian copy and found out a couple of things – 1. It says “Cut the pieces with a small seam allowance or hem” so seam allowance isn’t included (and it doesn’t advise what that seam allowance or hem should be!) 2. It also says “the pattern for the 50/52 size has darts” and yes, looking at the pattern layout the 51/52 has darts on the front piece and on the back. I realise that that isn’t your size, but perhaps incorporating a dart in the front as per the larger size might make the whole thing a bit more shapely.

    Or alternatively, just use the fabric for something else!


  6. I’m sure it is salvageable if you adjust the fit but, if it’s disappointed you this much then I don’t suppose anything you do will make you fall in love with it! Probably better off re-making it into something you know you’re going to like. Such a gorgeous print, it deserves to be a ‘wow’ top:)


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