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For me, my working uniform this time of year usually consists of trousers and shirts, with or without a v neck jumper, but definitely with a vest 😉

I’m a lover of shirt making and for my most traditional of shirts I turn to the Liesl & Co Classic shirt.

The Liesl & Co Classic shirt includes all the usual professional details like back yoke, separate collar and collar band, tower sleeve placket, separate placket and a variety of pockets.

This time I made up the C cup option ( still Size 4) just to prevent a very small gaping issue I was having with one of my previous shirts. The size C is perfect on me.   A/B, C and D cup size options are available with the pattern.

This one is in a Liberty type print in Rafi Pima Tana Lawn picked up from The Remnant House in Harrogate.

The shirt is long. I was never going to wear this one untucked, so I cut 1 inch off the bottom.

The second one is in a McElroy Lawn

This fabric is a lot more light weight and a little trickier to sew with. It had a tendency to stretch out so I was happy I stayed stitched the necklines etc as soon as I could.

However, it is so lovely to wear!

My daughter and husband are not fans of the print but I think it’s gorgeous!

I left this one long as I think I’d like to tie the front in the summer.

Just adding these to my other 2 Classic Shirts

Love, Lucie xx


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