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This is not the original reason why I started to blog but this has now surpassed all previous reasons why I started up this online diary.

When I started out I had no comprehension of the friends I would make, the amount I would learn from others, the inspiration I would gain, the exponential growth of my ‘to do’ list and the opportunities that would arise.

Roll back to February 2013. After some encouraging feedback of gifts I had made for friends I decided to book some stalls at local craft fairs over the summer. I also set up my Folksy shop. Skip to Easter 2013 and I enquired of a friend how to blog with a view to reach more sales. Work was going through some turbulent times and crafting and blogging really helped to take my mind off things.

All hopeful at the start of the day at Emley Show Craft Fair
All hopeful at the start of the day at Emley Show Craft Fair

Over the course of the summer, and through some disastrous sales at fairs, I started to develop more regular contact with those whose blogs I read and in turn who took the time to comment on my posts. – You know who you are!

You inspired me and led me down all sorts of alleys to work on my skills.

My first CAL blanket

Stripy CAL blanket afghan
Stripy CAL blanket afghan

and my first knitted jumper.

My first sweater
My first sweater

I took part in my first ATC (artistic trading card) swap

Autumn fabric atc
Autumn fabric atc

I replaced some ugly things around my house with lovely versions

Oil cloth cushions
Oil cloth cushions

I made many, many Christmas orders

It must be Christmas!
It must be Christmas!


And I crocheted and crocheted and crocheted

Others, who shall remain under wraps for a couple of weeks more, have even contributed to my wedding preparations!

Jump to early 2014 I was approached by Minerva Crafts to blog crafty posts for them and more recently by White Tree Fabrics.

Well this past weekend another first happened……….

I actually got to meet some fellow bloggers IN THE FLESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minerva crafts, in order to thank their 32 bloggers for their time and creations, put on an event for us and their customers. And what a day, and night, it was.

I picked up a fellow blogger, Louise of Sew-Sensational, on the way to the Minerva shop/giant warehouse in Darwen near Blackburn. Thankfully she was truly lovely, as I had thought, and didn’t turn out to be the mass murderer my daughter thought she might be (we were sharing a room that night).

We arrived to a busy  busy day.


Look, here I am in the brochure!

Can you see me?
Can you see me?

We listened to guest speakers

A fabulous talk by Karen Of 'Did you make that'
A fabulous talk by Karen Of ‘Did you make that’

Took part in workshops

Felting workshop
Felting workshop

And trawled the aisles

And meanwhile talked, and talked and talked to those we had only known through blogs, twitter and Minerva.

To cap it all off, in the evening Minerva took all us bloggers out for a fabulous meal

Minerva craft bloggers - I'm hiding because I dipped out of the hand made dress challenge!
Minerva craft bloggers – I’m hiding because I dipped out of the hand made dress challenge!


Almost 24hrs spent in the company of folks we had not met in person before and never, ever running out of things to talk about!!!!

I came away absolutely buzzing. (and with some yarn and some fabric!!!)

Who would have thought of the richness that has been added to my life through blogging.

Now I just want to meet you ALL!!!!!

Love, Lucie xx



  1. It’s fantastic to see how far you’ve come in the blogging world in such a short time! And to see the brilliant creations you’ve come up with too. 🙂


  2. hahaha I’m just as happy to learn that you’re not a mass murderer either! It was so lovely to spend time with you (and everyone else). Can’t wait to see your wedding crafts!


  3. Hello Lucie,
    What a great review and how nice it is to see how skillful you are. It is lovely to follow your blog to see what you are up to, so I will keep doing that:)
    Keep up the good spirit!


    1. OMG!!! I saw your black lace top. It was amazing!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your first White Tree Fabric make. You’ve set the bar really high!!
      Off to follow you!!!!!


  4. Loved reading about your blogging journey so far. Saturday was fab, wasn’t it? I couldn’t believe how quickly the day flew by.


  5. How much fun!!!! I am so glad you had a good time, learned stuff and met great people. And I still want to know about that gray crocheted cushion – I love it and want to make one. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding crafts…


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