Autumnal Suun Top

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Recognise this?

Yes, it’s another Suun Top by P & M patterns, but a long sleeve version. You’ll find my previous versions here and here.

I’ve worn it loads, now the temperatures have dipped into autumn, here in the UK.

Is there another Suun Top on the way? Hmmmm, might be!

If you want to see more you’ll just have to pop across to the Minerva site here. Minerva provided this Atelier Brunette Viscose Crepe Fabric in exchange for my post on the Minerva blogger’s network, today.


  1. I like this long sleeve version. After your top using the double gauze with gold spots, I invested in some in navy. I’d been admiring it for some time on an online shop we have here in France that sells fabric in 3m lengths at a good price so I nabbed a length for 20 euros thinking about a top. However, I’m thinking the pattern you used – in the dress version with long sleeves – would make good use of the fabric. Got to finish the husband’s shirt first though.

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      1. It’s nice but I’d probably make a long sleeved shorter dress for going out and about this coming festive season what with the little gold flecks on it. i know what you mean about the waist – I did think that when I looked at the pattern. I think it’s elasticated though isn’t it so I guess you can haul it up and down at will.
        I don’t know whether you read French but I agree with her that the fabric changes as you wear it. The sage green coloured dress I made in double gauze does seem to get grow as you go through the day so perhaps a size down might be called for and maybe a light iron before cutting.
        After your experience with making those lovely tailored shirts, you could make your husband one. I can recommend the pattern I’m using at the moment – the All Day Shirt by Liesl & Co.


    1. The online stores are great (but expensive) but bricks and mortar shops are not so good in Yorkshire (getting better) if you are after something more specific. Mind you, I feel the same envy of your fabric!!!!

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