Sometimes things just click. Simplicity 8084

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I wonder sometimes why certain patterns are discontinued. Especially in this case.

It’s a Mimi G Style pattern, Simplicity 8084, and I’ve found her patterns particularly well suited to my shape.

I’ve made it up previously in this beautiful blue crepe de chine, but I’m not as slender as I was 2 years ago!

I wore it many times both during that summer and for Christmas parties.

This time I went one size up, with the pattern size 14

This gorgeous stretch polyester crepe fabric from Minerva (now only available in the yellow) was bought for a Merchant and Mills Fielder Top but in a moment of brilliance 🙂 I put it with this pattern.

Having only 1.5m; the sleeves are short and I couldn’t cut 2 back yokes. I had to make up one of the button plackets in 2 pieces. Although there is something very satisfying in having the barest scraps left.

The dress, of course, has pockets.

And an internal bias binding casing for the drawstring which works really well

A hidden button placket

My Pfaff was with the machine repairer and my cheaper stand-in, bought for just these occasions, does not do automatic button holes. So I used Prym snaps which are perfect for a hidden placket!

I finished off the shortened sleeves with cuffs.

If you could find the pattern and were ever thinking of making one yourself there is a  Mimi G sew-a-long You Tube video for the dress. 

I didn’t pattern match, I couldn’t have even if a wanted to with the limited fabric I had, but I think the resulting break in this vivid print across the button placket looks perfectly intentional.

A very satisfying make.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. That looks lovely on you. I like the pattern but elasticated/’drawstring waists do nothing for my shape.
    I’ve watched one of Mimi G’s videos before, although I can’t remember for what item, and I love her personality and enthusiasm.

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  2. You are a favorite of mine and this dress is an example of why! Fabric is lovely and the styling is terrific! I don’t know how old this pattern is and wonder why it is discontinued. Seems like a classic to me. Thanks for the review!

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    1. Thank you for your very lovely comment. It’s taken me years to discover my style but now I’m getting more hits than misses! Still not getting it right all of the time, as the post I’m about to write will prove!!🤣


  3. Your version looks great! I’ve looked at this pattern before and wondered if it was too “blouson” for me. If both your versions were on the pattern envelope, I think it would probably be still in print!!! 😂

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