Cropped Melilot

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After the success of my first Deer and Doe Melilot I was keen to make another straight away.

This is made up in exactly the same size as this one below

But this one feels ever so slightly restricted. I think it is down to the fabric. The mustardy one is a crinkle, more open weave fabric which has quite a bit of ‘give’ to it. My second, teal one, is in a beautiful silk crepe de chine from Fabworks.

I completely fell for these when I saw them online and bought 3 colours. See how beautiful these colours look hanging out in the sunshine (although not the one at the back, which is a shirting cotton.)

These colours are just a fraction of the crepe de chine ‘of so soft’ collection at Fabworks. And at a mere £6/m, are an absolute steal!!!

Anyway, when I make up another melilot I shall go up a size, one size up from the size as depicted by my bust size. It still fits perfectly across the bust but across the back it is a little restricted. I will not be doing any large movements in this!

The Melilot is long. Very long. I cropped my mustard one. This teal one is cropped further, at the point where the curve of the hem meets the side seam.

I would say it is a pretty perfect length for a blouse you wouldn’t tuck in.

The other change I made to this one was in the choice of sleeve cuff shape. My mustard one uses the rectangular pattern piece, making the cuff stick out a little.

For this one I used the top of the sleeve head off the sleeve pattern piece. I cut out 2 for each cuff, sewed them right sides together, turned and then stitched onto the sleeve opening

Having done this I really have no preference! I quite like the more sticky out one although if I was to make it in a less drapey material I would probably go with the shaped cuff. I think possibly that the curved cuff may also be causing that little bit of restriction. Ah well! At least I know that when I come to adding the full length sleeve, I really do need to go up a size.

I’m really proud of my super neat stitching, especially the top stitching on the pocket and neck stand on this fine fabric.

When I get access to some buttons, I shall replace the standard shirt buttons I used with something thinner. The placket is just slightly distorted over these thicker buttons.

The fabric washes beautifully. I love the idea of wearing something that feels so high end and luxurious, everyday. With the knowledge that it cost me less than £10 to make!!!

Love, Lucie xx


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