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Before I made up my recent Closet Case Pietra Pants, I made up the shorts in some light weight denim left over from my Tilly and The Buttons Cleo Pinafore.

The Closet Case Pattern (printed version) comes printed on 3 separate sheets. Shorts, tapered trouser and wide leg trouser. I really like how each entire pattern is printed on its own sheet, so you don’t have to go looking for the pattern pieces that are shared by all 3 patterns.

The shorts are based on the wide leg Pietra Pants. Don’t you just love how these pockets are formed with no bulk added to the waist?

As with my pants, I made them in the size according to my hip measurement and then, after repeated basting and trying them on, took away as much off the side seam as possible, enabling me to just squeeze into them using the elastic, without resorting to a side zip. This takes away the bulk/bunching at the back but still leaves them very comfy. And because my waist is slowly becoming less defined (age and hormones!!!) and heading towards my hip measurement (hopefully not anytime soon) this works for me.

I think the choice of fabric helps too.

I topstitched the front and side seams which just elevates them a little and keeps them neat looking.

I didn’t make any alterations to the crotch area for these. I did reduce the rise at the shorten/lengthen line by 1 inch. They still fall bang on my waist.

The pattern suggests you turn the bottom of the shorts out like a rolled up hem. This fabric (white on the inside) didn’t lend itself to that. I shortened them by an inch, overlocked them and turned them up an inch and machine stitched. Next time, when I make them up in a linen blend, I would leave on that extra inch!!

They feel and look nice, fitted and neat on me which seems to be generally my style!!

And no, unfortunately I didn’t make the blouse; one of last year’s RTW buys. However if anyone sees fabric just like this PLEASE let me know! It’s an almost perfect take on the True Bias Roscoe Blouse but with shirring around the wrists and bottom hem.

Love, Lucie xx


      1. They must be showing up oddly. It’s definitely a light weight denim with printed pineapples. The pineapples used to be yellow before the prewash took out the colour. That’s seconds fabric for you🙂 but I’ve made these and a pinafore dress out of less than £10 so can’t complain!!


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