Sasha Pants No 3

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Yes, my third pair of Sasha pants.

I took the advice of a commenter on my previous blog post and made up the Closet Core Patterns Sasha Pants again, saving myself the headache of seeking out another pants pattern.

My previous Sashas can be found here and here. Both in regular wear at work, since I returned to the office.

That’s not to say I won’t be diversifying in the future, but for now I have a third me-made pair of work trousers.

So, you would think that making up a third pair of the same pattern would be a straightforward affair. Hmmmmm.

It just goes to show that working with a different fabric can throw up just as many issues.

It’s all a learning game and with this pair I have learnt that basting the legs together and trying on for fit without basting on the waist band is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!

I made numerous alterations to the seam allowances to fit these trousers without the waist band. I undid most of them once I had attached the waistband!

I also had some new gaping issues in the back of this curved waistband in this pair. I had decided to make the waistband up with a centre back seam to allow for taking in or letting out in the future, but I needed it anyway to take the gaping out of these.

I included the front pockets this time.

The fabric is a lovely stable mid weight textured stretch suiting from Minerva. It’s really unusual.

These trousers equate to a rtw pair that I would usually pay £50+ for, but with a superior fit.

So that’s enough of the Sasha Pants for now.

I’m off to make another Melilot blouse as lovely as the green one I’m wearing here.

Love, Lucie


  1. These look good – the fabric sounds perfect – and I’ll bear in mind your recommendation to always include the waistband in any toile.
    Just as long as you enjoy your work – which I think you probably do – it would be nice to have a reason to expand my wardrobe instead of wearing jeans and tops of ever decreasing thicknesses as the weather warms up. I actually made a nightie the other day just to get the dressmaking itch out of my system.

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    1. I think I’ve never been as obsessed with sewing as I am now. However I’ve definitely learnt not to get frustrated at spending time over picking and restitching as I know I’ll get there in the end with a garment I’ll love …. usually!!!
      I hope you’re not missing the french weather too much. Have you discovered any local fabric treasure shops? Xx


    1. Elaine!!! How lovely to hear from your. I’ve just caught up with your blogposts and have left you a comment.
      It’s a wonderful time to start sewing, you know. Especially with all the beginner resources out there. Let me know if you’d like some guidance in getting started. Xx


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