Never enough project bags

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So many projects, never enough bags.

But now I have one more courtesy of DMC who gave us bloggers a DMC goodie bag at the recent CHSI Stitches trade show.

One of the lovely kits inside was a hot off the press ‘Custom by me!’ DMC kit.

You can see it on the right. The kit allows you to customize an existing item without having to copy or transfer a pattern onto your item. For this reason it is ideal if you wanted to customize something dark, where you couldn’t see your markings. And of course you don’t risk permanently marking your item.

From the sheet of patterns you just cut out the bit you want, peel off the back, stick the adhesive side onto your fabric and sew through it.

The clever bit happens when you’ve finished your stitching. You simply wash away the adhesive interfacing.

There are loads of designs. Some appeal to me more than others but then you could say there is something for everyone.

After an overnight dry and a press with the iron.

The completed bag!


The kit makes a great gift introduction to embroidery or cross stitch. A simple but great idea and  I have ended up with a useful item.

Personally I could see a use for blank adhesive that I could draw my own designs on but do you think this is available anyway in the form of water dis-solvable stabilising?

But would it work as well?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I guess not having a blank piece may be because they (i think still) make a soluble aida material which would do a similar job (albeit providing the holes rather than a design)

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