Larger ears?

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Does this chap need larger ears? Both my husband and daughter are adamant that he does. (Excuse the over exposed photo taken whilst rushing out of the house)img_3164
This is Elijah. I’ve made him up in an Aran weight grey acrylic from  Hobbycraft. img_3161

I think he provides a nice contrast to the others.

img_3158Did you spot the new addition, Morris the Monkey?

He’s not my favourite but I do love his top knot.

With one final animal to go, I’ve also started knitting up this vest.


But the question remains. Does Elijah need bigger ears?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Most people have one ear a little bigger than the other, maybe Elijah’s should be too?? He is very cute just as he is though, maybe he could have a cousin with bigger ears from a different continent 🙂


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