Henry Hippo and Leo Lion

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And then there were four!

Meet the gang. Elliot Elephant, Henry Hippo, Leo Lion and Ronnie Rhino.

They are an amicable bunch and like nothing more than hanging about on the sofa before they go off to their new home.

Henry was another simple make. Those ears and nostrils just finish him off.


img_2995Leo was a little different. He has a rather effective looking mane.
Very simple, but very effective, it’s added after the head is complete. 10 chains and a slip stitch worked into every other stitch, every other row.

img_2993-1And a cute tail.


So I’m off to conquer the orangutan……. or maybe the monkey first;)


But not before I pick up the new addition to my family.

She’s a beauty!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Adorable! Love your use of different colours. Are you planning on completing the whole menagerie?
    Have fun with the new member of the family – I’m not a regular cyclist myself but she looks ‘the business’.

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  2. I do love your animals – beautifully made. My husband has a new bike too (mountain). He keeps bringing it in the kitchen and swooning over it……I’d probably be the same if I had a new one!


  3. I love these! I’m currently working through my stash and have no Edwards Menagerie appropriate yarns in it but as soon as I do i need to work my way through!!!


  4. I love these little animals! And the bike? You’re right, it’s a beauty! I don’t know where you find the time to go biking after doing all the projects you create – yay you!


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