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This is me, last weekend, pretending I’m really warm in my new pink Burda 7051 top and white cropped jeans. It’s actually 2 degrees above freezing. It took 3 lots of bribing my daughter outside to get the photos I wanted whilst the sun was shining.

This is a Burda Young pattern 7051. I love it. I’m sure shall make it again and again. This success is helped by the amazing stretch denim. I must admit that I was quite scared when I opened what I had ordered for this particular MinervaCrafts post make. It was a little brighter than I had realised. You can find the fabric here. At only Β£7.99/m it’s a winner!
Fab fabric1This top is also the first I have made with the help of my new assistant, Lola. She and I have become the best of pals. She is so much more patient than my previous assistant.

It was so much easier and very much faster to get the fit I wanted. I took in the front darts to make it a little curvier at the waist and also took half an inch down the back seam as I wanted a snug fit, especially using the stretch cotton.
My aim for this particular project was to include my first (not so) invisible zip.

But note the rather pleasing pattern match!

There are quite a few things I have learnt from this particular make.

Sizes on patterns no way represent the clothes size you wear. My measurements meant I needed a size 14 which is a little different to the usual size 10 I take. I took my muslin in only down the front darts and half an inch down the back seam. If I had used a non-stretch fabric I would have adjusted even less.

Zips are not to be avoided. They’re a zinch.

Due to the stretch of the cotton you can achieve a glove like fit.

To cut the yoke out longer than you need; the yoke came out a little mean which meant it barely reached around to the zip at the back. I cut a second more generous version.
I’m so very pleased with this make. It fits like a glove and is so comfortable to wear.

Can you tell?
Pink 9

Roll on summer!

Love, Lucie


  1. Great job on the pattern matching! I can’t believe you were brave enough to stand outside in your summer clothes in temperatures that low! The things we do for our blogs.


  2. How brave you are – I can’t tell that you are actually freezing your a*** off.
    Patrick and May would have been very impressed with your zip and pattern matching if you had been on the GBSB last night! You could wear that top with Neil’s pink trousers and be a sight for sore eyes!
    I agree with your comments on pattern sizing – every company seems to be different – I understand the big 4 base their sizing on typical 1970s body shapes so don’t be too depressed about seeming to be two sizes bigger.


  3. Oh wow, I just love that fabric and am going to follow the link and buy some! The top looks great on you – I’m a 14 so would have to make an 18 though, ouch!


  4. This is really lovely, you do make some pretty things! I bought Love Sewing the other day as I was sold by the pretty skater dress on the cover. I haven’t gone beyond looking at the pictures yet though…


  5. Love the top, it took me a while to realise that my actual dress size and the size I cut in patterns differs greatly. I too am making summer tops,…. when it is freezing outside.


  6. Hi Lucie, love love LOVE this version of the top! I have made two of these (both over on my blog if you want to have a look!) but neither of them come close to as good as yours. I love the colour and the fit is just amazing. Maybe I should try to make it in a stretchy fabric too. Lovely work as always x

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve just nipped over to your blog to have a look. Love your summery photos!
      I’ve not yet made anything that I haven’t altered to fit. I think that is the trick. I always err on the larger size, make a mock up and then adjust the length of the darts/take in at the seams to fit. Mind you the stretchy fabric is a little more forgiving than cotton. Will you make another one?


      1. Yes, I really must spend more time doing the mock-ups and making sure it really fits before making something I actually want to wear. That’s my goal from now on! I think I have to make another one now that I’ve seen yours in stretchy cotton! It just looks great!

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    1. This one will be the first of many for me. I was so pleased with the outcome. I was amazed how a piece of lifeless blue thin jersey was transformed into this! It only cost me Β£5!


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