Ta Dah!

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I say ‘Ta Dah!’ because I have no idea what sound a giraffe makes. But here he is. He looks like a ‘he’, right?Stripy crochet giraffe
This was an excellent pattern. Super easy and accurate.Stripy crochet giraffe
And I thoroughly enjoyed making him.
Stripy crochet giraffe
Here is the original by Emma of ILoveButtons
Emma's Crochet Giraffe Pattern
I think I’ve done him justice.Crochet Giraffe
Next a dinasour Crochet dinosaurOr maybe this fella

Crochet puppy

But one more look at Gerald………Stripy crochet giraffe
………………….before he gets packed away as the first of the presents for that time of year that I won’t mention here.

Love, Lucie x

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  1. Oh my, I am in love with Gerald he is absolutely fab! I love stripes, so bright and cheery. But what to do next? It is impossible to choose between the dinosaur and the squidgy dog, they are both just too cute. You know you are going to have to make them both don’t you?


  2. Fabulous β™‘ yes Gerald looks adorable! I’d love to have a go at amigurami but the thought of jooing all the parts worries me!
    I look forward to seeing what you make next whichever pattern you choose they both look cute x


  3. I love him!!!!!! I really want to try crochet again but I just don’t understand the patterns, would he be a good one to start with???? xx


    1. He is fairly simple but if you haven’t done some crochet for a while I would do him in just one or two colours leaving out the stripes which can be a little fiddly. If you keep to one or two colours you wouldn’t have to slip stitch at the end of each row but continue ‘in the round’ if that makes sense. Just keep counting your stitches and mark the first of each round with some coloured thread so you know where you are. Any problems, just shout.


  4. Love this, I have a pattern in my ravelry for a giraffe this may be the one, he looks amazing πŸ˜€


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