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Inspired by the KNITRUN4SANITY‘s socks last November I decided I too would have a go.
I sought out and bought a well reviewed book from Amazon and made my daughter wrap it up for beneath the Christmas tree.

(Yes, I am quite mad but I wanted to delay a good ponder of the book until I had finished all the Christmas preparation madness.)

Knitting Socks by Ann Bud
Knitting Socks by Ann Bud

I’d also sourced some hand dyed sock wool off etsy in readiness.

I choose the plainest of patterns but it was VERY slow. Using the four needles was a challenge. I just couldn’t get into a rhythm. It wasn’t enjoyable at all. I started to look at other sock/needle solutions. I got about 3 inches into it and then turned my hand to something else.

Then in the New Year I started seeing the Knitting Sarah sock KAL mentioned on various blogs.

After a comment I’d left on a blog about how slow I was finding my socks I was advised to persevere.

And so I picked up my needles and something just clicked!

My first sock
My first sock

Last night I turned my first heel!

I can’t quite remember why I choose green, yellow and white wool!

This weekend I’m off up to my wool shop for a spot of some sock wool indulgence in readiness for my next pair.

As an aside, when others (not crafters) ask what I am working on they are incredibly puzzled when I tell them I’m knitting socks. ‘Why,’ they ask, ‘would you knit socks?’
‘For the challenge,’ I tell them.
‘My Aunty Flo used to knit socks,’ they reply.
Why should I have to justify knitting socks?
Some people just don’t get it.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Yay for socks! That wool is so yummy and spring like. It’ll be like an Easter bonnet for your feet!
    If you’re looking for some deelish sock yarn, can I recommend The Knitting Goddess. She does individual dye lots, they go on sale at a specific time (I think Friday evenings), and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Fabulous stuff.
    And I say, why wouldn’t you knit socks.


  2. One day… I shall master this too. The reason for hand knitted socks is… they are SPECIAL. So many gorgeous sock yarns and so little time ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Ooo love the colours and as Claire said, very Easter/Spring like.

    The ‘why knit socks’ comment made me smile. Ranks right up their with the why make your own cakes/scones/bread comments I often get. As you say, some people just don’t get it ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. One you have wear handknit socks, you don’t go back! Well, at least as little as possible. And when people ask why, just know it’s because you are awesome. Totally awesome. Congrats on that heel turn – keep on clicking!


  5. So many lovely socks are being knitted and yours are adding to their number. I feel left out… Maybe I need to learn this skill. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. I’m seriously considering knitting a pair, if I see some irresistible sock yarn /pattern then I’ll give it a go.


  6. I agree with knittingsarah – once you start you won’t stop! I use bamboo or wooden needles. They are grippier than metal ones and I find them easier to work with. Your socks are a perfect colour for spring!


  7. Knitted socks are there own reward! I really should rescue the 2 inches of sock I started last year. One of my cats keeps finding it and pouncing on it. She loves the combination of trailing yarn and bamboo needles! I think it’s over ten years since I actually finished knitting a pair of socks!


      1. My mum has two cats and each has its own mission. One just wants to bite through the yarn, and the other wants to run off with the piece of knitting. So far they each work separately, but if they ever team up on my mum at the same time I won’t be getting any more knitted socks for Christmas!


  8. I love hand-knit socks. They’re pretty and/or wild and in colors you could never get in a store. Yours look like they’re coming along nicely. Yay you!


  9. I have to say that I am where you are before the something clicked. I have some sock wool (and a part made sock) that I bought about 2 years ago and I cannot get into it. Like you I find the multi needle thing quite a challenge. I too have seen the CAL and it is my intention to join in and make a last effort to get the hang of sock knitting with some company. Wish me luck.


    1. I loved your last pair but I thought I’d start with something simpler so I could see where I was going wrong.
      This may be a ‘practice sock’. I can see my tension has got tighter but more even as I’ve progressed beyond the heel. I’m still leaving a slightly loose stitch where I change between needles. I’m wondering if this will close up on blocking.


  10. I do fancy knitting socks but I can’t get the saying ‘life’s too short to turn a heel’ out of my head (or is it too short to stuff a mushroom?) anyway, I did buy some hand knitted socks to keep my tootsies warm in my yoga class and I love them. Maybe I’ll give it a go when I’ve finished the cardi I’m knitting at the moment.
    So, would you recommend that book then?


    1. The book is great because it gives you the same basic sock pattern throughout (with some variations at the end) but provides detailed no’s of stitches used for 6 different foot sizes and about 6 different weights of wool.
      It also has specific details on the different stages of the sock
      Once the basic is mastered I’ll move onto something more advanced but it was just what I needed to start off.
      If you were going to have a go I would use a yarn thicker than a sock yarn. I had assumed that all socks were knitted with sock yarn – not so. Using something thicker would have progressed the first sock and all it’s techniques much faster.


  11. I finished my first “sockette” last night, so called because they only go just over the heel rather than up the ankle. I had some gorgeous Rowan Cocoon left over from another project and wanted to use it for either a hat or some socks. Having made a hat just before Christmas I thought I’d take the sock challenge too! The heel’s interesting huh!? I did mine on dons as the pattern was written for these and I’m not very used to knitting in the round. Sock one is far from perfect but very satisfying!


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