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Cushion completed!

And I’m really pleased with it.

Crochet cushion completed!
Crochet cushion completed!

The crochet part was finished some weeks back and today I made up the cushion.

Crochet cushion
Crochet cushion

A simple envelope closing.

Envelope closing
Envelope closing

I started this as a simple crochet project to take away on holiday back in early June.
Just a chain stitch grid with trebles. No counting so easily picked up and put down.

I’m nipping across to handmade Monday now to see what everyone else has been up to

Love, Lucie xx




    1. Sorry, been really busy at work this week. This can be adapted to any size you want. If you click on my ‘holiday takeaway’ there is a link to a foreign site with lots of examples of this work with some good diagrams.
      Basically it starts as a grid of trebles with 2 chains in between. It is handy that you can increase the grid in any direction if you want it larger to fit your top pattern on or you could work it all out on a piece if paper at the beginning.
      Then the top is 4 trebles (with no chains at all) crocheted onto the grid between each section of the grid in any pattern you like.
      You may decide to use 5 or 3 trebles depending on your yarn and hook.
      Hope that helps but the link is very useful. Lucie x


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