Lovely Luna Lapin

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Here she is, my lovely Luna Lapin

My completed Luna Lapin
My completed Luna Lapin

If you remember, I picked this kit up from a stall at the Creative Stitch and Hobbycraft Show last weekend in Manchester. The stall holder, ‘Coolcrafting’, even commented on my previous post about this lovely little kit. Goodness knows how they found my post. The wonders of the internet, I suppose.
The kit does not skimp on anything.

Luna Lapin kit
Luna Lapin kit

More than enough felt, stuffing and thread for the rabbit with the added bonus of liberty print to finish the ears, feet and of course, make up the dress.

Liberty print ears
Liberty print ears
Liberty print feet
Liberty print feet

I loved making up the rabbit.Luna Lapin
But I did question my sanity when making up the dress. My second only foray into dress making is in making a very small dress for a felt rabbit.
But worth it don’t you think?Luna Lapin
If you should wish to have a go yourself, here is the link
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We, at least, were able to enjoy some rare winter sun.

Love Lucie xx


  1. Hi Lucie, Thanks for sharing our link and well done on your Luna – she and the dress look very lovely. Yes, the dress is a bit fiddly and if you are not a normally a dress maker you will have found it a challenge, but just think how much easier the next one will be! We will be adding to her wardrobe designs and developing a doll that fits the same clothes so do check back at the website x


  2. I simply fell in love with this sweet rabbit, and the idea of approaching sewing in a guided, thoroughly planned way won me over. I’ll get the kit for Luna and the coat, love love love it!

    thank you so much for sharing this, you did a great job on your Luna!


    1. Sometimes it is just so nice to be told exactly what to do instead of working it out from various tutorials and pdfs. And I thought it would cost me at least £20 to assemble all the bits.
      Enjoy it, I did. x


  3. Neat stitches, beautifully made. How on earth do you do the arms? The needle doesn’t even fit in the button holes?!


  4. I’ve just ordered the Luna book and was looking online for tips on making her. Your little rabbit is lovely! I can’t wait to get started, but first I’m off to the fabric shop for some of that gorgeous fabric 🙂


  5. Just making my Luna now but my heart sank when I read your comments about the dress. I have however made a few toy clothes before so hopefully this will stand me in good stead. Your Luna is lovely – mine will be wearing a dress made of Peter rabbit fabric as I am a bit of a BP fan!


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