My gorgeous gecko.

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Gecko completed!

The original pattern can be found here.

My crochet gecko
My crochet gecko

He sits on the low cabinet in our living room but my partner says we might find him in another place the following morning as he’s sure he’ll come to life at night! Creepy!

Crochet gecko

He involved a lot of counting, so not one to do when holding a conversation.
The stripes and the bobbles helped find my place each time I picked him back up.

Crochet gecko

Filling the toes with tiny amounts of stuffing was very fiddly and I wasn’t expecting to have to sew the feet together but it didn’t take too long.

Crochet gecko feet

He is rather larger than i was expecting but I love him just the same.

Crochet gecko
Love, Lucie x


  1. what a fantastic crochet make! lovely animal and the colours are gorgeous. i admire your crochet skills, the gecko’s toes must have been very fiddly!


    1. Thank you. He has been a very sucessful make and posting about him has brought me lots of new traffic. Thank you for popping by. I have to think what I can do next to match this one!


  2. Hi there I’m trying to make this little guy but my popcorn stiche’s don’t line up did yours? Perhaps a little advice is in order. Please help!


    1. Hello there! I found I had the same problem. I think you’ll be finding the popcorns tend to twist around?
      I placed my popcorns where I though best. Because of the increases and decreases they will never align perfectly so a stitch in front or a stitch behind the previous one.
      It was a long time ago since I made this chap so I can’t be entirely precise but I remember adjusting the popcorns a little.


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