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I was, quite simply, overwhelmed by the generosity of a friend made over the last year through our respective blogs, when early this year I received an email from the TheGrangeRange asking if she could contribute anything to my wedding day.

Table settings
Table settings

I thought long and hard about Geraldine’s generous offer of her time and skill when she could have been busy creating for herself.

My other half had made his feelings known to me that he really wouldn’t appreciate turning up at our venue to find it the latest setting for Kirstie Allsops wedding show alongside his other nemesis Cath Kidston. Β ( I can’t think why. I personally would have loved to have gone down this route!) If I had mentioned crochet and wedding in the same sentence I’m not sure he would have turned up.

Geraldine and I have never met in person, although I hope this will be put to rights over the summer, but I thought I knew enough of her work to trust that what she made would be a fabulous addition to my plans for a simple but elegant setting for our day.

We batted some ideas backwards and forwards across the net and settled on something along the lines of these napkin rings that I found on folksy.

No patterns existed. I knew from her blog, that Geraldine would be able to work from the ideas we had seen. I left it up to her to decide how intricate to go. I was very aware that I had 60 guests and didn’t want her to feel she had taken on something too vast and tying.

I visited Texere yarns in Bradford and choose their own Texere linen yarn in a few colours. I wish I had remembered to take a photo of them before I sent them off!

And then, a few months later, I received an amazing parcel in the post.

You will not be disappointed!!

You wait until you see these.

It came in this boxWedding box
Wrapped up like this.IMG_6398
And inside

I was blown away

Aren’t they utterly amazing?

The venue had lent us 60 white cotton napkins in advance of the date.

I was hoping that my guests would also see these as wedding favours. I can tell you they soon disappeared into my ladies handbags!

I had stamped my guests names on these parcel tags, with their food choices stamped on the back.

My mum and I spent a very pleasant afternoon assembling these.

Wedding napkins
Wedding napkins

Then we were ready to pack them up to go to the venue

I didn’t get to see them again until I saw the tables all laid out, just before we sat down for the wedding breakfast. So elegant and utterly tasteful.

Table settings
Table settings

I cannot thank Geraldine enough. Please pop over to her blog TheGrangeRange. She is currently planning a fantasy garden yarn bombing of her husband’s GP surgery and is looking for contributions. She has many suggestions and links to patterns here.
I am busy crocheting birds and flowers which I will hope will go a little way in returning her generosity.

My husband (get me!) now sees crochet in a completely different light.
Thank you Geraldine.
Love, Lucie


  1. Oh how utterly gorgeous, no wonder you were blown away but then having followed Geraldine’s (nice to have a name to put to a blog title πŸ˜‰ ) creativity over the last year, I am not at all surprised by either her generosity or her skill. Beautiful.

    I hope you managed to keep a few for yourself πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


  2. These are beautiful and what a beautiful story you have to tell too.
    I have no idea why your hubbie wouldn’t have wanted Kirstie Alllsop or Cath Kidston to wedding plan for you!!!


  3. WOW! – A *lot* of work! I’m amazed that She came up so many *different* designs! KUDOS!
    And, CONGRATS to You!


    1. I didn’t dare! But so many thought I had done them until I put them right. I shall however crochet myself a matching set for al fresco dining (yes this is actually happening in the UK right now!)


  4. Thank you so much for such a lovely post and all the fab photos of the napkin rings, I do have the patterns for them and have been waiting until after the wedding to add them to my tutorials, but with all the work for the yarn bomb project it will probably be a September ‘to do’. It was a real pleasure to make them for your special day (I have to confess to being a little nervous when I sent them off in case they were not what you expected) so I am so happy that you were pleased.


    1. I love the napkin rings!! My daughter is getting married and I would love to make them for her can you please let me know where to find the patterns.
      Thank You


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