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I went with 3 projects in mind. I ended up with enough fabric for a dozen.

My rate of dressmaking is about one item every two to three weeks so that means I really shouldn’t buy any more material for 6 months. How likely is that, do you think?
The trouble with going to Abakhan in Mostyn, North Wales is that the choice is so huge and the prices, especially within the remnant section, so darn cheap!
It is a good thing it is two hours away. However, it is just a small detour off my route to visit my parents in North Wales, so Freya and I had arranged to meet my mum there. There was some sort of mad sale going on in one of the converted sheds but we never made it in there; the queues were far too long. I found some bargains amongst the remnant baskets none the less.

Here is my haul. Being hauled out of the remnant section, I can only guess at the fabric types but here goes.

This fabulously bright light weight poly dress fabric was crying out to be a halter neck type top to be worn with my white jeans.

Spotty Viscose

This is a heavier weight stretchy viscose. I have plans for a cross over stretchy top with sleeves.

Slinky stretch
Blue stripy jersey for T shirts. Boring but necessary. I seem to have bought masses. So that’s stripy blue T shirts for everyone then!

T shirt JerseyZingy stretch cotton perfect for a Boden dress take off.
Stretch CottonI couldn’t resist these birds. In fact the lady ahead of me in the queue was holding this roll of gorgeousness. At just £2.20/m I bought 3m! Enough for a dress and a top. Or maybe a kimono wrap for holiday lounging! Yes, perfect.
Viscose Birds

Freya choose this for a kimono of her own. No, she’ll not be making it. It would end up in the ‘eternal’ pile along with the pyjama bottoms she started.

Lightweight polyesterAnother heavy drapey stretch viscose. It’s crying out for a cowl neck top but I am resisting. Maybe a cowl neck with short sleeves? But I’ve just received a copy of the Myrtle Dress by Colette so fingers crossed that I have enough.
Heavy drapey stretch viscose

 And finally to my favourite. There is masses of this viscose too. At least 3m. It has to be a dress.

Polyester dress fabric
As mothers do, I thoroughly embarrassed my daughter by stage whispering, ‘Don’t look now but over there is Deborah from the Sewing Bee!’ I’m not a wierdo groupey but I wasn’t the only one looking to see what she was buying. But I suppose that’s the price of sewing fame!

Now what shall I start on first.
Love, Lucie xx


  1. Ooh I love those birds. And the stripes actually – can’t beat a good stripe!
    Yeah… my fabric buying rate far outstrips my making rate… The Boy is developing a mannerism of looking up, raising eyebrows and saying “more fabric…?”

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    1. As a family we wear quite a lot of stripes and have to be careful we don’t all go out together in striped tops and jeans!
      I appear to be one washing basket down as I have run out of space for fabric purchases.


    1. I know! Just not enough hours in the day to sew it all up. What I really need is my OH to work away from home for a few weeks and then I could be completely antisocial and sew to my hearts content every evening!


    1. It’s only just into Wales so not too far. If you don’t have a ‘remant’ type place near you, it’s definitely worth the trip. There’s a lovely cafe there and they sell off the roll too.


    1. I am fast becoming worse with material than yarn. I think it’s because you can generally be safe with 1m for a skirt, 1.5m for a top, 2m for a dress. I never know how much yarn I’m going to need and then there’s the problem with the dye lot when you run out!


    1. The Abakhan website definitely doesn’t do the place justice. Their online shop shows just maybe 10% of their most basic stock.
      I’ve not been the the Manchester one. I would ring and enquire if they have a remnant section or they just sell off the roll. I know they have recently revamped the Manchester store and it is big enough to hold classes etc. The North Wales Mostyn one does both. It was the first store they had. A series of converted mill buildings. I’ve been going since I was small. Whenever we needed a new set of curtains and then a few ball gowns for me for uni and then my first wedding dress.

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  2. Oh god! I am so envious right now! At those prices you really cant go wrong! I agree with ukcitycrafter above; you can never have too much fabric😃


  3. I have pledged not to buy any more fabric until I have used some of my stash. That could be difficult next week as I have an appointment in a nearby town on market day and there’s a stall that sells fabric for as little as a £1 a metre. Can I walk by without looking? Very unlikely.


        1. No, it’s fine. I had just heard about a bloggers meet up in Dewsbury (a market town in Yorkshire ) this coming week where there are similar bargains. I just wondered if it was a coincidence.


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