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After all my dithering about what top pattern to have a go at next I decided to get my money’s worth out of the pattern I used last week and make the same one again.

Burda 6914

I’m thrilled!

I had picked up the fabric the previous weekend at my local ‘mostly sells curtain fabrics’ fabric chain shop. They seem to have ‘cottoned-on’ to the dressmaking revival and had a small but interesting enough selection of dress making fabrics.

Although I’ve not branched out into a different pattern this make was made a little challenging by the slipperiness of the fabric and having to alter my new overlocker tension to suit the lighter weight.

As an aside, what were you doing last Friday night? I had the house to myself with Freya away and Mr Jones doing some male bonding at the pub.

You might have imagined that I would be indulging myself in a bath with added oils, candles and bubbly etc, etc, but no, I was watching my Brother overlocker DVD followed by a course on Craftsy about different sewing machine feet.

Back to my top.

The bias binding on this top was also a little troublesome. This slippery polyester wouldn’t press into folds which meant an awful lot of pinning and slow top stitching.

But it was worth it. I would gladly have bought this off the rail at a far greater price than the £6 it cost me to make.

So now I have 2 tops

I’ve sort of made a pledge to myself to make things that I will actually find a great use for within my everyday wardrobe. Well that is the plan.

BTW I bought some more fabric at Leeds Market on Saturday.

The stripy one I completely fell for but it’ll need a certain pattern to carry it off. Any ideas?

Three more tops, a different pattern this time. I am enjoying this.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I find that, even with the same pattern, if you use a different type of fabric you will go on a new learning curve. So now you can handle fabric with a little slipperiness. You’re really on your dressmaking way now! I like the striped fabric but, you’re right, it will need to be made up into a certain sort of garment. Something very simple I’d say. Are you still thinking of tops?


    1. Yes, the striped will be for a top. (Although it would make an amazing dress). I might even use this same pattern (again) for it, or similar, as I can’t imagine how stripy sleeves would work against the vertical stripes of the body.
      This satin is SUPER slippery so we’ll see how I get on.


  2. Good plan to try the same pattern in a different fabric. Slippery polyester can be tricky to make neat bias binding from, but it looks like you’ve done a great job. I love the fabric by the way.


  3. I love your new top a lot and it really suits you. Justifiably proud I should say. Meantime that course on machine feet is just what I need, do you have a link please. Love the new blue fabric, can’t wait to see what you make next.


  4. I had some a tricky time with some bias I made for one of my Sorbetto tops with a slik-cotton blend. Kept trying to press it, but by the time I’d walked over to the sewing machine it had mysteriously unpressed itself. Never found a solution for that other than perseverance. Yours looks very neat and I do like the print.


    1. That is exactly what happened to me but at least I feel I’ve conquered bias binding. I’m planning a top without bias binding for the next one which will be a relief.


  5. Both tops look very well made and a beautiful fit. I have been searching for that striped fabric to use as a binding on a rainbow quilt I am just finishing. Pity I don’t live near Leeds.


  6. Love your new fabrics, particularly the blue, shame Leeds Market is a bit far away for me!! Great job with your tops – the navy says business and your first top says summer!! Really nice! I like the look of this vogue pattern – – short sleeves for now and longer for the Autumn. I haven’t made it yet but hopefully get round to it at the end of the school holidays!


      1. That’s nice too. Like the variations of the different necklines. Lots of different looks in one pattern – bargain!! Will look forward to seeing that lovely blue fabric made up! 🙂


  7. What a useful top. I am trying really hard to make things I need and match them with things in my wardrobe instead of being a sucker for a pretty pattern. I like the lighter blur one, it is how I met you, at the cutting table at minerva! You have out it to great use. Jo x


  8. This looks amazing – I love the print! You would never know you had problems sewing it – the finish is perfect. I have told myself to stop using polyester becuase I always end up hating it during the sewing process!


    1. I love the drape of polyester so was determined to conquer it! Polyester has moved on so much in the last few years. It’s soooo cheap and no longer makes you perspire (I wrote ‘sweat’ the first time)


      1. I made a poly dress earlier this year and ended up hating it – I couldnt press it without getting shiny seams, it snagged really easily and it isnt very breathable so I am trying to be much more careful about what I buy – but there are some lovely prints!


  9. Nothing wrong with doing the same pattern twice. I am tempted to drag my machine out but I have to admit to being slightly scared about terms such as over stitching, special feet etc….


    1. Well, it’s taken me a whole year and a bit (since the first Great British Sewing Bee) of wanting to have a go and actually having a go. And now I’m ‘having a go’ I have to admit I’m hooked!


        1. Great! I was so nervous about my first one. I was really expected a disaster. I think you’ve not to be afraid of making adjustments. Also time playing with stitch tension on spare bits of fabric was also good advice.


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