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I can appreciate we need to step out of our comfort zone every so often. The Myosotis Dress by Deer and Doe in this tiny spotty viscose was me, doing just that.

I had a vision that I’ve just not pulled off here.

There’s nothing wrong with the dress, per se. It is just me in it;)!

I’ve been loving the long dress trend, and the tiered gathered skirt.

But I’m more used to a neater silhouette. A style with less fabric, and generally more fitted.

Age has thickened my waist but I’m not ready to disguise it completely.

I feel swamped by the Myosotis. I feel the gathered skirt has just added to my waist, instead of suggesting one. I added the ties, as I had seen many others do, but it makes minimal difference to the silhouette.

I made the size 40, matching the bust 36.25”. I’m a 35.5” bust. It fits perfectly above the waist.

My husband laughed when he saw me in it! And, yes, I really wouldn’t wear something my husband really disliked. You can judge me if you like :)!

When I look at the photos, I think it looks just fine. It’s just not me.

However, there are things I love. The bodice fits beautifully. I love the neckline. I left off the buttons and just sewed the placket closed.

I also love the sleeves.

So I really want to alter it to use those.

I thought in the first instance I would cut off the bottom tier and shorten it to above the knee. That might make it wearable as a holiday dress.

If that fails, I’ll take off the skirt and try a slightly gathered short peplum.

Any other ideas? I’m off to search Myosotis hacks. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. The Myosotis is a beautiful pattern and I’m quite drawn to it myself. BUT….I know in my heart it is not for me. Perhaps for the same reasons as you – too much gathering and the looser silhouette. I wonder – some different sleeves and a belt to add more waist definition?

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  2. I love the fabric (it rather matches your background). The bodice, neckline and sleeves are great and it looks like a really nice and comfortable fit, however, I agree the lower half is just not quite you. Maybe, as suggested, shorten to a beach dress, or a top with a pebblem. As always, the dress is beautifully made. Sometimes it helps us all to know that everything doesn’t always turn out as planned

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  3. I think we judge ourself the hardest. I like this on you. I would wear different shoes such as sandals. I was going to suggest shortening it a bit but you already are thinking of that. It isn’t too poofy. Some of the dresses I’ve seen could fit a table, they have so much fabric. I think you have a great figure so don’t be so harsh on yourself!

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  4. I know exactly how you feel. The dress is lovely, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it and feel that it isn’t your style, you won’t enjoy wearing it. I received many likes on Instagram for a dress that I made last summer, but I didn’t like the style on me. Now I enjoy wearing it as a nightgown.

    Many of the tiered and full-skirted dresses that are popular now are not my style. But that’s what’s so great about sewing: we can make what we like!

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    1. It’s a style I won’t be sad to see the back of. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen one that is flattering. (whilst beautifully sewed and beautiful fabric). Not even on tall slim women.

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      1. My husband says, ‘Style never goes out of fashion, but fashion does.’ Thank fully there are plenty of other patterns out there for us that won’t be wearing this one!!


      2. I applaud anyone who tries to go out of their comfort zone, especially with fashion since I find it so hard to do myself. I agree it’s time to retire the Myosotis dress pattern It’s just not flattering and it lacks sophistication.

        As other’s have suggested, remove the bottom tier and remove some of the fabric from the skirt so its not so gathered.

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    2. It’ll be interesting to see how this one does on IG 🤔
      I think if I saw a similar woman in the street wearing this, I would think it lovely. It’s just too far removed from ‘me’


  5. I totally agree. I’m a similar age to you and not quite as slender. I tried the TATB indigo and looked ridiculous in it. I much prefer a more fitted look. How about taking some of the fullness out below the bodice so that its more like the Avid seamstress day dress. Which incidentally is one of my favorite patterns.

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    1. Thanks for too heads up on the Avid Seamstress day dress. Definitely one to try for a holiday day dress. Ill take off the bottom tier and see, then try your excellent suggestion. I won’t be trying this trend again 🤣🤣


  6. Shame it hasn’t worked for you but at least you know you don’t have to scratch that itch again. Beautiful sewing as usual and saves me thinking I should give that style a try and go with my instinct. Thanks for posting this as it’s so tempting to only post the things that we like but it really helps to see some things that are not working even though the pattern is good and the sewing and fabric are not an issue.

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  7. A tiered dress with less fullness is the Friday Pattern company Davenport dress. Such a lovely one to make, and to wear too. I also don’t like feeling swamped by fabric, but the Davenport is perfect (I think because the waist sits very much on the natural waist (where a lot of them seem to sit higher than that) and it has a drawstring waist so nice and easy to cinch in).
    I already commented on your Insta post and echoed a lot of what has been said here – namely that it looks great! If I was you, I’d wear it out somewhere as is, with other people. You may feel differently. I feel so differently about my Lotta dress after people spontaneously commented on it. Don’t cut it up just yet!

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    1. I like a draw string waist, just the right amount of gentle gathering. I’ve just looked at the Davenport but the shoulders and high neck put me off somewhat.
      I’m going to try the myosotis with a coloured belt and my denim jacket before I do something drastic. I’ve had a lot of love for it here and on IG


      1. I know what you mean about the neck. The ‘flutter’ is easily omittable though – I would leave it out if I was making it in anything other than a very fine/floaty viscose.
        I look forward to the verdict after an outing in the dress though – good luck!


  8. Lucy, I might try moving the “waistline” up to under the bust, then removing most of the width/gathers in the skirt. The bottom tier might or might not be in proportion and I’d have to judge it after the other changes. Must admit I don’t care for the sleeves one bit, but my climate here in the southern U.S. isn’t yours!

    All in all, am not a fan of this dress for me as I’m too short for all that fabric and, like you, it’s just Not My Style! 😉

    It will be interesting to see what you decide – go for it!

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    1. I’m glad I’ve given it a go but feel scratched that itch now and I’ll not repeat this type of dress . Definitely not my style although I’ve received a lot of love for it on Instagram

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  9. I just finished my Myosotis as well! I love your fabric choice and the fit of the bodice. I also found the bodice to be a good fit for me…My husband said I looked ready for a hoe down hahaha!

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  10. I like the dress but I understand if it doesn’t feel like ‘you’. Maybe on a super hot day (with an occasional breeze to make it perfect) you’d enjoy wearing something so floaty. However, I like the idea of chopping off the bottom ruffle too – worn with pumps it would look fun.

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