Her name was Lola

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Her name was Lola; she was a show girl……….
Did you know that I’m a closet Barry Manilow fan?
Hence I have named my fav Christmas present from my husband, you know, the one who celebrated Boxing Day by breaking his leg, Lola.Supafit dressmaking dummy
This is her wearing my current favourite dress -obviously not one of my own creations! (yet)
I might have worn this dress a few more times if a certain person had not broken his leg.

She is an 8 part adjustable Supafit dress making dummy.

I put her together on Christmas Day, a few hours after our Christmas diner. As I measured myself and adjusted Lola to suit I did have my doubts that she was the right size! Thankfully normal waist size has now resumed to fit this dress which usually (just) fits where it touches.DSC_1004
I’m looking forward to starting up my machine again. It is strange how you lose your bottle having not made anything new for a few weeks.

Love Lucie xx


  1. Oooh fab! Your photos will look even more professional!! What a brilliant Christmas gift. I’m also lucky enough to have a husband who buys good pressies! And nothing wrong with a bit of Barry. Though my personal preference is for a bit of Dolly 😉


  2. I asked my hubby to print out an undies pattern at work for me. As it came out of the printer a work colleague saw it. He said Chris by day Christine by night OMG sorry hubby. My dress form is now Christine!! K xXx

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      1. That is wonderful. Sometimes I see them on sale and at those times….I am never prepared! I will one day be ready. I love yours…pretty color and love the name….Lola!! I am certain your husband feels good that he made just the right choice! Happy New Year to you both! Sandy


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