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Whilst pondering a new project, something a little different after my mammoth amigurumi pre-Christmas work-out, I saw Ali of VeryBerryHandmade was having some special offers in her Liberty cotton pieces Folksy shop during the lead up to Christmas.

I’d always fancied a handsewn paper piecing hexie project so I was quick to order when an offer came up for her 70 Liberty Tana Lawn 1 inch and 1.25 inch precut hexagons

VeryBerryHandmade Hexie pack
VeryBerryHandmade Hexie pack

I ordered these fabulous 1.25inch precut hexies, complete with ready cut out paper hexagons and also these smaller ones, which I’ve already sewn ready for piecing up.

I had requested blues and pinks for the smaller hexies and more autumnal colours for the larger ones. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I hoped that inspiration would strike.

Whilst playing with patterns I actually decided that I would separate the blues from the pinks.

Without a whole lot more of each colour I had failed to come up with something that incorporated both without looking too busy and the last thing I need is another very random cushion.

I wanted to make something small and pretty and something that I would use everyday.

Yesterday, inspiration struck. Glasses cases. A soft glasses case that I could slip into my knitting bag, easily openable so I would actually use it.

On the Uhandbag site I sourced these; the bendy clip things for tops of coin purses or guess what, glasses cases! Internal-flex-frame

Handily there was also a tutorial so I don’t even have to think about what I’m doing.glasses case

I’m really enjoying a period of handsewing although the final construction will be on the machine.

I’m still at a loss about what to do with the larger hexies.

Is anyone else thinking about trying out something new?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’ve got a little box with around 200 pre-cut hexies and cards inside. The fabric is a range of retro 1930s designs. I have made around 40 so far. To be contd……..
    I wish I’d seen those little Liberty hexies on sale as I bought some precuts for a friend of mine for a Christmas gift – she’d seen mine and liked them – but I got them on Ebay I think and they’re not LIberty though very pretty. I wouldn’t even contemplate doing anything with hexagons if I had to cut the fabric and papers myself – there, I’ve said it, and I’m not ashamed. However, like you, I fancy the idea of making them and then doing something with them but don’t really want cushions. Have you ever been on Flossie Teacakes blog? She makes the most amazing quilts and things with paper piecing – it inspires me and yet depresses me at the same time.


    1. Yes, I follow her blog. Her paper piecing creations are truly inspiring. The trouble with wanting to do a little of everything is that I can only dream of such a large project. I was surprised how such small an area just 70 hexies cover!
      I’ve seen a lovely table runner but seeing as our table is usually covered with food or newspapers it would never see the light of day.
      I’ve seen a lovely teapot cosy but I’m the only one who drinks tea so the teapot only come out when my parents visit. I think I need a house just for me….


  2. My only resolution was to Try Something New, which is quite a challenge when I’ve had a go at so many crafts, pieced patchwork included! Pottery or stained glass maybe?


  3. Lucy I bought a brilliant glue pen which temporarily holds the hexis to the papers so you can just get on and sew. It was called the ‘Sewline fabric glue pen’ and was from a website called simply solids. It is Ace… purists might wince but I just wanna get on and sew the thing not papers. Jo x


  4. Im thinking of doing some sewing which, for me, seems fairly novel after this length of time! But then, i have been searching youtube videos on crochet recently, so watch this space! Lynette Anderson includes hexies in some of her projects (?might appeal?). A


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