A great crested gecko and a cat

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Do you remember that I accepted a commission for a Great Crested Gecko before Christmas?
Well here he is. Just before he went to his new home of a (real) gecko mad teenager.

Great crested gecko
Great crested gecko

I was really rather pleased with him.
Great crested crochet geckoI had hoped to track down the pattern for this fellow found on tumblr but to no avail.
I ended up using the pattern for this Komodo Dragon, found on etsy. Click on the image for the link.

Komodo Dragon by Susan of the etsy shop OohLookItsARabbit
Komodo Dragon by Susan of the etsy shop OohLookItsARabbit

I added the spines to mimic the ‘crests’. Great crested crochet geckoI love how the legs hold the body up.Great crested crochet geckoI actually find him quite menacing!

This is in complete contrast to my second Amineko cat. A passing remark made by my mum, after she had seen my first Amineko cat


lodged in my brain and here is the result.
Amineko catMy parents spent Christmas Day with us so I took the opportunity to photograph both cats together. I lengthened the legs on the new cat.

I think the second cat is looking a little worse for wear!
Details regarding the free pattern can be found on my previous Amineko cat post here.

I think a third cat may be on the cards. Mine is looking rather lonely now.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I love the way the sleepy, lazy nature of a cat is captured here. They look so cosy together that you can’t possibly only have one. (Warning: this is the way my brain works when I go off to the dog shelter but these are only made of wool and won’t need feeding/cleaning/walking/veterinary visits so more than one is O.K.)
    Love the gecko tongue.

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    1. Hi Sadie. I crocheted a slip stitch down the finished body once stuffed and then turned a did a double crochet into each slip stitch on the way back.
      Let me know if you don’t understand and I’ll try and explain it more clearly.


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