WIP and a Swiss roll

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Just dropping by with a quick update on this weeks WIPs.
My rabbit is just waiting to be put together. A little embroidery is needed to the face. Adding the features is my least favourite part. You can totally change the character with a few misplaced stitches.
I don’t love this bunny as much as my Brenda Ballerina but hopefully that will change.

On the other hand I’m loving my daybreak shawl. I enjoy watching the blue changing as the stripes develop. It’s definitely one of those ‘just one more row’ knits.

Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West
Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West

Last night I came home to this. A rather perfect looking Swiss roll courtesy of my daughter.

She had been practicing her fatless sponges for school. What a midweek treat!

Love Lucie xx


  1. Both coming along nicely I see:) The shawl must be addictive; I know what you mean about “just one more row”! What a fab surprise coming home to a cake that you didn’t have to cook yourself. If only….


  2. That shawl is mega gorgeous. The bunny is super sweet. Which reminds me, I must knit the one I have a pattern for… And you have an ideal daughter! Appreciative of your crafting skills and makes cake. If she needs an honourary aunt, I’m offering!


  3. If you could give a shout-out that I made this bunny as well I’d really appreciate it! I’m trying to gain more followers. I used the same colours you are using as well. I love how yours is turning out! (www.afriendlikeben.com)


  4. I’m looking forward to seeing your poor, forlorn little bunny, completed and with a lovely smile to boot 🙂

    I can see why you find yourself doing “just 1 more row” on your shawl and as for Freyas’ cake, what a fab surprise 🙂


      1. That’s the problem with crafting though isn’t it, those looking on see a beautifully crafted project but the creator of the item sees every little error no matter how small or obscure. Been there, done that 🙂

        I look forward to seeing the finished bunny how you see her 🙂


  5. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous, and striping the blue with cream really shows off the shifting shades of blue. And please could you ask your daughter whether I may eat her Swiss roll? It looks so delicious.


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