Hot Granny….. Squares!!

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No completed WIPs this weekend to report but I’ve just fallen for ‘Patch’s’ crochet hot water bottle cover!


At last….. an ordinary weekend! Not had one of those in a while! I’m here, at the computer, I have coffee, the radio is on and all is quiet. Boys have gone to karate and swimming. Time for a crochet post.

Because Big J’s Blanket and the Collaborative Crochet Blanket are both rather large to carry around these days, I needed something smaller and more portable while I was camping. You might remember that I mentioned the granny-hottie-along and the Mamachee boots. I chose the granny hottie first, thinking I would use some of my Stylecraft Special DK scraps and ordered some hot water bottles. They were very cheap and I found some mini ones, as well as normal sized, which I thought were rather cute. Work got underway in the car on the way to our first campsite.

Kate’s instructions were nice and clear, but also not patronising…

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