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If a teenage daughter of yours has dragged you around the shops recently you may have seen the rails and rails of kimonos for sale.
‘Can you make me one?’ she asked.
After I had picked my self off the floor of Primark, I of course said, ‘Yes!’

We choose this lovely drapey soft polyester during our recent visit to Minerva Crafts.
Love Sewing Kimono

And as luck would have it the most recent edition of Love Sewing magazine had a free pattern for a kimono!

Love Sewing Kimono
Love Sewing Kimono

It is just me or has this lady’s head been shrunk?

It literally took me a couple of hours. I’m not claiming any fancy techniques here but I’m so pleased with the result I’m just going to have to run up a couple of longer versions as a cover up for my honeymoon.


So that’s more fabric to source. Ah,well……..

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I happen to have a friend who is a dealer in Japanese kimono so my eldest had a vintage silk haori jacket this summer. However, I banned her from wearing it to the beach (it’s actually mine) so your one is much more practical all round. A longer one would be great for a cover up – should you need one on honeymoon!!
    and, yes – I agree with you about the model’s head. I think they go a bit mad with the airbrush sometimes!

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  2. This is too cute! I love the fabric and I could even see this made up in a cozy flannel for fall! It’s chilly here so that’s where my mind is! The thought of donning a swimsuit gives me the chills! I think in a lovely drapery thin cotton it would flatter as a coverup also!


  3. Lovely! Yes, we are in kimono mode here too…..although I made annice sew hers herself!!! It has turned out very well, but she was not feeling the sewing luuurrrvvve!


  4. love the kimono, looks great on your daughter. and regarding the small head on the lady, i think they elongate their models in photoshop – she looks a bit out of proportion!

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