Spot the obvious mistake

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This is me doing some wedding prep at the weekend, stamping place names onto labels

Name place stamping

Did you spot my mistake?

Name place stamping

Look’s like I’ll be doing Valerie’s place name again! Of all the names to photograph.

Name place stamping

You can just see the edge of some amazingly beautiful handmade crocheted napkin rings. I can say amazingly beautiful because they were not made by me. They were a gift but I’m holding that particular post back.

Love, Lucie x


  1. I love that you’ve stamped the food on the back of each one – that’s a great idea! I have the same brown tags for my place names too but hadn’t thought of doing this. Might steal your idea 😉


  2. At my daughter’s wedding I was not as crafty as you by spending the time to hand stamp each invitation, although, since the guest had a choice between beef or fish I put a cow sticker on the ones eating beef and a fish sticker on the ones eating fish. Everyone had a good laugh over it, although, the catering director forgot to mention this to the wait staff and they still had to ask – go figure!! Love your napkin rings and all of your effort!!!


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