A wedding keepsake box

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What’s in the box?20140622-203232-73952251.jpg

Well, surprise, surprise, it’s a box. A handmade wooden box purchased from Home Deco Art  for a mere £15.99. Dovetail joints and everything!

I wanted to personalise a sturdy box for the wedding. A box in which our guests can leave their cards and which will double as a keepsake box; a sort of wedding day time capsule.

I love decopatch. I love how it gives a really polished, hard wearing finish.
Remember the glasses cases I treated with decopatch last year?

Decopatch glasses case
Decopatch glasses case

The whole decopatch glasses case tutorial can be found here

To start I gave the box a rough undercoat of white acrylic paint.

Decopatch wedding keepsake box
Inside and out.Decopatch
From my favourite decopatch online shop ‘The Decopatch Place’, I chose this lovely rose print. I ordered 12 sheets which turned out to be exactly what I needed.
Starting from the inside I layered up torn pieces of the rose print paper.Decopatch wedding keepsake box
On and on.
And on until I had covered it completely.Decopatch wedding keepsake box
Finally I gave it another coat of the decopatch glue which drys clear, like a varnish and left it outside to dry in the sun.Decopatch wedding keepsake boxDecopatch wedding keepsake box

Yes, I should have been sewing but it was just too nice to be stuck in doors. This was a project I didn’t think I would be able to fit in before THE BIG DAY. But I did and I’m very pleased to have this lovely box in which to keep my wedding bits and pieces.Decopatch wedding keepsake box

Love, Lucie x


  1. Great idea. I have two boxes hidden in my wardrobe – one with wedding keepsakes, and another with all the baby cards etc. They are probably the things I would grab if I every had to save one thing from the house.


    1. I tried a new brand of paper at first. It was more expensive but I liked the design. Unfortunately it just wasn’t the same. It tore and was a lot more transparent. So I had to start again with decopatch papers.


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