Newsboy hat in the post

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This was sent to me from Cape Town, South Africa! That’s quite a trip up to Yorkshire, UK.
It’s far further than I have ever travelled (Cyprus!).

Newsboy hat

This was my prize for being randomly generated from all the participants in a monthly link up party I quite often take part in, ‘The Monthly Made It Challenge’ which takes place on the Woolhogs blog.

Newsboy hat

This particular prize was donated by Jill of Nice Piece of Work. Jill has a lovely blog all about the crafty stuff she does, crocheting, knitting, sewing, mosaicing, renovating junk furniture, painting, beading, papier mache, etc. It was one of the first blogs I regularly read and I really enjoyed her posts about selling on the seafront craft fair leading up to last Christmas. She has a really infectious way of writing, regularly making me laugh over my desk bound sandwich.

Newsboy hat

So I was delighted to learn I had won a make by lady whose blog I read.
Seeing the photo of this incredibly detailed, beautifully put together festival of a hat in Cape Town jill-newsboy
and then receiving it by post in Yorkshire was quite surreal.

Look at the finish on the inside, I swear I can’t see a stitch any where.Newsboy hat

So will I wear the hat? Whilst I truly appreciate the work and the beautiful fabrics I will be admiring the hat but not wearing it. It is currently draped over a ball on a shelf above my work bench. You see I have a friend whose style far more lends itself to this hat than mine. A friend whose love of festivals will give this hat the outings it so deserves.

So thank you Jill for sending me a perfect gift which I will pass on to a perfect recipitent.

Love, Lucie x


  1. for some ungodly reason your posts have stopped appearing in my reader – gak! This has happened with a few blogs now, so I’m slowly but surely locating the ones that have gone AWOL. This is why I’m only commenting now !!! I’m glad you like the hat, but I realise it isn’t everyone’s style. I have been working on a less puffy version of the newsboy, which works well. When I use a plain fabric, I try to add a button or two or a bit of embroidery – your hat got extra 🙂


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