Flower power!

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My daughter and I went a little paper flower mad yesterday.Paper flower tutorial
It turned out that she was rather good at paper flower making, turning out beautiful blooms after just a couple of tries.
So if a 12 year old can do it………….

Start with pages torn from a very old book that is unlikely to see any further action than to be pulpped for field fertilizer.
I used an old yellowing novel from my own shelf and a couple of larger ones bought from my local Scope shop.
Paper flower tutorial
Simply cut a spiral, free hand, with scissors.Paper flower tutorialPaper flower tutorial There is no need to draw it out. A slightly wavy shape is better. Leave the round disc shape at the end.
Paper flower tutorial
Working from the outside of the spiral, wind up the paper using a fine knitting needle or even a cocktail stick.
Paper flower tutorial
When you wind, try and keep the inside edge of the paper level with that that is on the needle and let the outer edge just do it’s thing. This outer edge won’t be wound so tight.Paper flower tutorial

You can experiment with how tight you wind your paper, depending on how tight you want your bloom.

When you get to the end, just let go!Paper flower tutorial

Your bloom will unravel slightly, creating the flower.

We made loads to this stage for a big gluing session at the end.

I’ve seen glue guns used for gluing the flowers but we just used a white paper glue, the sort that dries clear, and a paint brush.

Take your flower and push the centre through with you finger like this.Paper flower tutorial

Paint on some glue all around the exposed centre and also paint some on the centre of the disc.Paper flower tutorial
Then push your flower down onto the disc and hold for a few seconds.
Paper flower tutorial

We used our old crafting trays to push the flower down on to. It’s a bit messy and you need a surface that you can peel the flower off before it sets hard.
We also painted some glue in between some of the ‘petals’ and pushed the centre of the flower to one side to give them more of a natural appearance.
After a couple of minutes, nudge the paper flower off the surface and turn over to dry.Paper flower tutorial

A lovely simple bloom.

For what I had in mind I also needed some larger, fuller blooms.
Using exactly the same method we round up some spirals of paper but more loosely this time. Arrange and glue the flower leaving a large round space in the centre. Paper flower tutorialWhen dry simply glue a smaller flower into a larger one.

Paper flower tutorial

I think you could also use newspaper but I’ve yet to have a go. The pink pages of a Financial Times would look good.

Ultimately I will stick these onto wire stems for uses in various arrangements I have planned for the BIG DAY.Paper flower tutorial I also plan to add some pearl effect beads to the centre. But meanwhile, they look lovely in this.

Paper flower tutorial

Love, Lucie xx


    1. I’ve seen lots of ways to use them on Pinterest. I’ve ordered some florist wire to give mine stems. I was just going to loop the end to make a decent anchor point for the glue but probably use the glue gun for this.


  1. COOL! – But I’m wondering if using magazine pages would work as well..? – I’ve got a stack of old “decor” mags looking for a purpose in life other than the recycle-bin!


  2. OK, you are genius. I got a Cricut flower shoppe cartridge for Christmas, looked online for tutorials, etc, and still could not figure out how to make it all go together. Your very clear, simple explanation makes it all make sense! I will go back upstairs and try it again. 🙂


      1. thanks! I think I will love the cartridge, I just could not get them to stay coiled while I glued. And it took me forever to figure out (and I had to watch a you tube video) to see what the circle was for. 🙂 But – a knitting needle! I have some of those – lol!


  3. What a sweet tutorial. The roses are lovely. You could try dipping the ends of the petals in glue and then in glitter to give a sparkling effect xx


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