Machine embroidery procrastination

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Do you ever put off something new?
When I want something to work out, a new skill or a challenging recipe, I’m sometimes afraid of having a go in case I am disappointed with the results. Yes, daft I know.

I’ve been wanting to try machine embroidery for ages. I had a dabble at Christmas but with mixed results.
A little while later I ordered a machine embroidery foot attachment for my machine sewing. It arrived but then remained unopened in its box for over a month.

Last night I took the bull by its horns. I needed a quick card for a friend.

I attached my embroidery foot and HAD A GO. I used some bright spring coloured cotton on a piece of black denim.

This is the result.Machine embroidery

I was pleased with my first attempt. My new foot makes all the difference.

The machine embroidery foot.
The machine embroidery foot.

This is the cardMachine embroidery
I need to play around with how I attach the piece onto the card. I think it needs another layer behind it or some sort of frame. Any ideas gratefully received.
Machine embroidery

Once happy, I shall run a few up for Mother’s Day. I’m always asked if I have cards available by those who have left it rather late.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. It looks really good Lucie. I have had a few attempts but I was using an embroidery hoop and I’m not sure whether I will get on with that because I feel a bit restricted. However, I wasn’t using a foot at all so the hoop was probably better from a safety point of view! Both those methods were recommended in a book I bought about free machine embroidery but, of course, that doesn’t mean they are the best methods or the ones that will suit everybody.
    I’d say your design definitely needs something behind it – just try out some different fabrics until you find one that works and maybe gently fray the edges. How long did that piece take you?


  2. Someone gave me a spare machine over a year ago now. I have yet to break it out! I keep telling myself I want to soon when I have found a space to use it in the house. That’s also taking time to materialise. I think I’m a serial procrastinator! I’ve always wanted to try machine embroidery for stationery and also embellishment for my clothes too – it looks so quick and easy. Yours turned out really well I think. It looks fine as it is because the brown card and denim combination are a nicely kinda utilitarian look, I feel. But it depends on you – I imagine you would still find something imaginative to add to it somehow 🙂


    1. I’ve never used my machine so much since my OH built me a permanent work station (deep shelf). It used to take me weeks to get my machine out to do a little job. But now I can just pop on anytime. It’s made a huge difference to my crafting.
      This only took me around 10 mins. I was amazed how quick it was to generate something quite pleasing.
      I think my piece needs a bit of layering. I shall come up with something over the next few days.


  3. It’s pretty 🙂 if you want to add more to the card, you could try a “frame” like this: or color blocking like this a ribbon behind it like this (with or without the background piece) or even a cut out window with the fabric mounted behind it!


    1. I’ve looked through all those. Thank you so much. I think a contrasting fabric beneath to layer is the way I’m going to try next.
      Another thought I had was to stitch onto some natural coloured linen and fray the edges a bit. Just something to break up the contrast of the fabric against the paper.


  4. It looks good and I like the card as it is. I have had a go a few times with machine embroidery and once I get the tension sussed like messing around. I am trying all over to get a darning foot for my 20 year plus Elna as it should make things easier. At the moment I do it without a foot with mixed results.


  5. I have been putting off trying machine embroidery on my new (18 month old) machine. Your card looks great. Buy or make an aperture card and attach with double sided tape. Contrary to fears it does not leave marks over time.


  6. My problem with machine embroidery is getting my machine to go at a slowish and even speed. It seems to only race!! Yours looks good though. How about a bit of ribbon around the edge of the fabric??


    1. My machine races too! I think I have a heavy foot on my pedal. This definitely wasn’t achieved on a slow and even speed. I just gritted my teeth and hoped for the best. My next challenge is to write with the stitching.


  7. Lol, I have all the ingredients for a gorgeous looking recipe but haven’t as yet plucked up the courage to give it a go, so I know just how you feel.

    That said the card looks amazing and your friend will no doubt be thrilled to receive it 🙂


    1. She was very thrilled to receive an ‘original’. Whilst I know that it’s good to push myself every so often sometimes staying in the comfort zone is the most relaxing way to finish off my day.


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