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If there’s one thing that Me Made May has told me, it’s that whilst I’ve pretty much nailed my workwear wardrobe, my home life wardrobe is a bit lacking.

I do have some crossover garments but I’ve always really separated the two.

Especially now, as we’ve been let out into society and starting to go ‘out out’, or even ‘smart shopping’, I can see in the last 2 years (because last year didn’t count!), my style has changed and my body shape has changed, and I’ve not many outfits to choose between. Some of my previously go to outfits are too snug to be comfortable and other styles have just moved on.

So to inject some oomph into my going out wardrobe I’m embracing the dress, which is something quite new for me.

I’ve started with McCalls M8030 Josie dress which my mum and I both fancied last year. My mum recently made hers up a few weeks ago using a fine viscose, which I really loved and gave me the impetus to make up my own.

I found this viscose twill type fabric in the remnant bins in Abakhan Mostyn which of course was the first meeting place of me and my mum once I’d been let over the Welsh border.

It’s a great dress, I’ve never worn this length before, but I think it works.

It looks lovely from the back too.

I may need to add another button at the bottom!

However, I don’t feel the urge to sew it again. I think a lengthened Kalle Shirt Dress does a similar job and fits better.

The only real difference is that the Josie has a front yoke and gathers on the bust.

I made up a size M for bust 34 – 36. I’m 35.5”.

I was concerned about width on the hip as I’d read that many sewers found it less than generous around the bum, but when checking the finished garment measurements, I thought I’d be fine but grade up if you’re a little more hippy.

I used the long length of view A but with a straight hem like view B and long side slits.

I cut out 2 back yoke and used the burrito method, the pattern used only one yoke.

Now for the niggles.

The collar it quite oversized, I would reduce the height of the collar stand if I was to make it again.

I also find the dress has a tendency to fall to the back, off the shoulders. I think a forward shoulder adjustment would solve this but I’m not sure exactly of how I would do this where the seam descends down the grown on sleeve.

I’m going to add some belt loops on the sides at the waist as I think that would stop me adjusting it so much when I’m wearing it. Although this isn’t helped by the weight of the fabric, slipping through the belt. A finer lighter weight viscose, which is what my mum used, is probably more perfect for this. Although the McCalls dress sample is in most of a crisp cotton/linen fabric. I think this would have made the top half a lot more voluminous on me.

So in general it’s a win, and I’m so looking forward to moving onto another frock!

And here’s how i’m wearing it to go shoe shopping today! Obviously I have no shoes either.

For those in the UK, enjoy the Bank Holiday sunshine and have a lovely day!

And of course, everyone else have a great day too!!!

Love, Lucie


  1. I think this looks lovely on you! Any type of open toed flat shoe would look great! I love the hemline. I think a lot of us are adjusting to dressing up a little more.

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  2. This is such a beautiful dress! Both the fabric and the pattern. I haven’t visited the big Abakhan in a while but now things are slowly moving towards ‘normal’ I’ll have to make a day of it.

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  3. This looks lovely and is exactly the sort of summer dress that I need, but I’m glad you mentioned the slipping back, it’s a problem I always have. Does the Kalle not do that? The other pattern I really fancy for this type of dress is the Orla Shirt, lengthened and split, in a nice viscose. Abakhan is out of the way for me, but maybe I can persuade my OH that a nice trip to Wales in our campervan would be a good idea.

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    1. I have the Orla pattern, just not made it up yet. I really want to get round to it soon.
      I think some of the problem is to do with the weight of the fabric in this instance. My Kalle shirt dress is a much lighter fabric.
      Saying that, to anyone else, you can’t actually tell it has fallen back.


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