Helen’s Closet Reynolds Dress

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I’m lucky to be heading for some sun in 3 weeks time so I’ve been busy sewing (of course!).

It’ll be hot and humid so I wanted a dress that that just hung from me.

This is the Helen’s Closet Reynolds Dress.

It’s turned out even better than I’d hoped.

The Reynold Dress ( and top) features wide shoulder straps, bust darts, in-seam pockets, and a side slit with mitred corners at the hem. There are no zips or closures, you just pull it over your head. There is shaping in the side and back seams. The top of the garment is finished with a topstitched facing. It comes in both a B and D cup.

I left out the pockets.

I went for the shorter dress version in this medium weight cotton from the deadstock/surplus/seconds bins at Abakhan in Mostyn last summer. There is always some jem in there. I love this print!

The instructions recommend that you choose a size that corresponds with your upper chest measurement, as this is where the dress needs to sit close to your body. I have an upper chest measurement that is only 1 inch more than my bust, so that puts me in the B cup range. In accordance with my upper chest I chose the size 10.

My fabric is rarely expensive, so I didn’t bother with a toile, I’m always in too much of a rush to make up the next thing!

Due to the shaping in the back seam I knew I wasn’t going to get a perfect pattern match, but I’m pretty happy with the match I have.

Before applying the facing I tried it on. It was perfect across the bust but gaped a little under the arms. I took in the side seams by just 1cm at the top, grading to nothing at the dart.

I can also see that the darts are too high, if you were looking really hard! But this doesn’t seem to affect the fit on the chest, so I’ve got away with that.

I also basted in the straps before committing to the length. Mine are shortened just a little as I liked the close fit under the armpit. And one adjusted for a shoulder slope on one shoulder.

Next time I would go down one size and using the designed length straps, the darts would probably end up nearer the right place. But will anyone actually be able to tell the difference, probably not!

I absolutely love it and can’t wait to wear it. In this print it was great fun to make!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Looks fab. I made this as a top last year but couldn’t get it to fit properly. I think I made the straps too short. You’ve inspired me to have another try for the summer.
    Now that I’ve just about finished faffing with my Lander pants waistband!

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